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Cat caught carrying marijuana into Moldovan prison

10/18/2013 7:52am
A cat has been busted for smuggling pot into a prison in Moldova.

Putin's crane is found after losing its way

10/18/2013 8:44am
One of the Siberian cranes that Russian President Vladimir Putin helped teach to fly south last year lost its flock along the way, but has been found and brought to Moscow.

Mom delivers her own baby on way to Pa. hospital

10/18/2013 9:46am
A woman says she delivered her own baby while her mother was driving her to a Pittsburgh hospital.

Deadly Halloween tableau too realistic for some

10/18/2013 11:26am
One man lies on his stomach on the driveway. Blood is splattered along the garage door that smashed his head and presumably killed him. Another man lies a few feet away, run over by a truck.

Dog that crashed half marathon dies a week later

10/18/2013 12:30pm
A dog that became an Internet sensation after crashing an Indiana half marathon has died just a week after receiving a medal for completing the race.

New NYC restaurant demands silence from patrons, staff

10/18/2013 8:49pm
Silence is golden. To the patrons of Eat restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it's more like $40.

Necropsy finds 5 fish hooks in dolphin in Hawaii

10/18/2013 9:10pm
A rare dolphin found dead on a remote Hawaii beach earlier this month swallowed five fish hooks, but they apparently didn't cause its death.