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'Horned' sea creature washes ashore in Spain

08/22/2013 11:46am
A 13-foot long sea creature washed ashore in Spain that appeared to have horns has bemused viewers of the photo, who have joked it may be the Loch Ness monster or the cutest flying dog ever, Falkore the luckdragon from "Never Ending Story."

Spontaneous goat manure fire stinks up Vt. town

08/22/2013 2:49pm
A pile of goat manure spontaneously caught fire, spreading stench and wrinkling noses through a Vermont town but causing no damage, officials said.

Hacked Colo. road sign shows support for Snowden

08/22/2013 4:58pm
A portable, electronic road sign that was supposed to alert drivers to delays on a southwest Colorado road got changed to say something completely different.

Ex-convict sentenced for sneaking into NYC jails

08/22/2013 7:03pm
A convicted sex offender who repeatedly used phony correction department credentials to gain entry into New York City jails has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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