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Beijing cracks down on bizarre apartment-top villa

08/14/2013 7:04am
A medicine mogul spent six years building his own private mountain peak and luxury villa atop a high-rise apartment block in China's capital, earning the unofficial title of "most outrageous illegal structure." Now, authorities are giving him 15 days to tear it down.

Britain's cat DNA database helps convict killer

08/14/2013 11:07am
A newly created DNA database of British cats has helped convict a killer, a British university said Wednesday, illustrating how even pets' genetic material can be a boon to forensic scientists.

Central Pa. farmer's corn crop yields 4-headed ear

08/14/2013 3:08pm
When farmer Ben Klunk tells people about the mutant corn he found, they're all ears.

Survivors of Ore. boat explosion include 2 cats

08/14/2013 6:44pm
When the engine of their tuna boat exploded last week, owners Mark and Cynthia Schneider had no choice but to jump into the ocean and leave behind their two cats on the doomed vessel.

1 stolen bonsai returned to Hawaii nursery

08/14/2013 8:30pm
A Hawaii man who had 16 rare trees worth more than $100,000 stolen from his nursery more than two weeks ago has recovered one of the trees.

Nevada petroglyphs the oldest in North America

08/14/2013 8:33pm
Ancient rock etchings along a dried-up lake bed in Nevada have been confirmed to be the oldest recorded petroglyphs in North America, dating back at least 10,000 years.