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Russia: Surgeon stole heroin found in stomach

08/13/2013 10:03am
Russian police say they have arrested a surgeon who stole some of the heroin he had been called on to extract from the stomach of a suspected drug mule.

Boy finds 5.16 carat diamond on family vacation

08/13/2013 11:42am
A North Carolina boy took home a large and possibly valuable souvenir from vacation last month when he found a 5.16 carat diamond.

Missing Iowa border collie found stuck in a tree

08/13/2013 1:24pm
A 7-year-old border collie who was missing from his Iowa home for a few days didn't get very far _ he only went up.

California man finds, turns in $6,900 in cash

08/13/2013 4:24pm
A California man is being praised for his honesty after he turned in $6,900 in cash he found near a Department of Motor Vehicles office in the Central Valley.