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Texan gets another wrong water bill topping $66K

07/30/2013 5:20pm
A Dallas man says he's shocked to have been swamped with a nearly $67,000 erroneous water bill a few months after a similar computer error.

Arizona boy digging for worms finds a handgun

07/30/2013 5:36pm
A 9-year-old boy digging for worms in northern Arizona found a gun buried near his home.

Cat found on freighter from Philippines to LA

07/30/2013 8:22pm
A 4-year-old cat that stowed away in a container ship headed from Manila, Philippines, to Los Angeles is gaining weight and getting stronger after the trip without food or water left it near death.

Philippine province goes dark due to unpaid bill

07/30/2013 9:37pm
An entire province in the Philippines has been plunged into darkness after the national power grid operator cut off supply because of accumulated debt of $93 million.

Scientists find mystery coffin at Richard III site

07/30/2013 9:52pm
A team of archaeologists said Monday it has unearthed an unusual coffin-within-a-coffin in the central England parking lot where it found the skeleton of King Richard III, and that they hope to identify the remains within.