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Fascinating, crude and compassionate; Majerus was an incredibly complex man

12/04/2012 9:11am
The world knew Rick Majerus as an excellent college basketball coach. But he was more than that, covering the perspective from being kind and tendered-hearted to crude and vulgar. Here's a look at the good and bad and everything in between

Majerus left a big trail of tales; Even the Spurs make mistakes; Maybe the ball does lie

12/04/2012 2:15pm
Take a walk through a small sample of tales left by big Rick Majerus. A rare mistake by the Spurs and sometimes apparently the ball does lie.

Chris Hill speaks reminiscently about Rick Majerus

12/04/2012 3:53pm
With Rick Majerus' passing fresh on everyone's mind, Utah Athletics Director Chris Hill held a press conference Monday afternoon to talk about the legendary former Ute basketball coach.