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Fatigue likely a factor in double-fatal crash, UHP says

02/18/2013 7:20am
Investigators believe fatigue was the main factor in a crash that killed two people on I-80 in Tooele Monday morning.

Man returns to Utah to face charges of child rape

02/18/2013 6:25pm
A 20-year-old Kaysville man was sent home from an LDS mission to face accusations of child rape.

Destined for deportation, family begs ICE to let them stay in Utah

02/18/2013 8:44pm
A Utah family held a press conference Monday, pleading for U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement not to deport them to their homeland of El Salvador. The mother of the family said if they're forced to return, their lives would be in danger.

House fire rattles West Jordan neighborhood

02/18/2013 9:49pm
A West Jordan neighborhood was shaken up after a police officer's home caught fire Monday afternoon. Some reported hearing explosions coming from the house.

Parleys Canyon graffiti has police asking for public's help

02/18/2013 10:46pm
Salt Lake County needs help to clean up a graffiti problem at the mouth of Parleys Canyon. Just as soon as workers clean it up, the vandals tag it again; and that means more work and more money to keep cleaning the same place regularly.

13-year-olds arrested after Twitter message about drugs

02/18/2013 10:57pm
Police arrested two 13-year-old girls on drug charges after being tipped off by a parent who saw a suspicious Twitter message.