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How to handle bad job interview situations

12/10/2012 8:30am
There's no shortage of horror stories when it comes to bad job interviews. But it's not always the interviewee's fault. How can applicants perform better at a job interview if the interviewer is the problem?

FedEx expects to deliver 19 million packages Monday

12/10/2012 12:47pm
Monday is expected to be the busiest shipping day in history for one of the world's largest shipping companies. FedEx estimates it will ship more than 19 million packages, and it's in large part thanks to an increase in online shopping.

Trial begins for boat owner accused of leaving swimmer to die

12/10/2012 10:50pm
The owner of the boat that killed a University of Utah professor spent his first day on trial Monday. A jury was seated, and they'll soon go to work deciding Skyler Shepherd's fate over the next few days.