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UTA and downtown shops prepare for conference weekend

04/05/2013 8:21am
The Downtown Alliance estimates about 100,000 people come in and out of downtown in a two-day period of time, just for General Conference. The influx of thousands of people is good news for business in downtown Salt Lake City.

Former Utah Senate President among those called as new LDS mission presidents

04/05/2013 6:31pm
Since the LDS Church announcement of 58 new missions in October, dozens of mission presidents have been called to fill the new positions including several well-known Utahns.

5 SLC landmarks hidden in plain sight

04/05/2013 6:57pm
Whether you're in town for LDS General Conference or are just looking for something new to appreciate in Salt Lake City this weekend, here are five historical places in Downtown Salt Lake City to visit.

LDS Church announces new leadership roles for sister missionaries

04/05/2013 10:36pm
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced new leadership roles for sister missionaries on Friday. The move came shortly after the Church released a video of its women leaders discussing their role and influence in the Church.