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The rivalry game means more to BYU now

09/18/2013 12:11pm
As crazy as it sounds, the rivalry game means more to BYU than it does to Utah. Although the BYU game certainly is important to the Utes, one former BYU coach believes their season will be judged by the outcomes against Pac-12 opponents.

BYU offensive line vs. Utah defensive line

09/18/2013 1:19pm
This year's edition of the Utah-BYU game will boil down to who wins between the Y's offensive line and U.'s defensive line.

5 sports-movie rivals to prep you for 'Rivalry Week'

09/18/2013 2:06pm
It's Rivalry Week, which means tensions are high and everyone is a little on edge. To take off that edge here are five sports-movie rivalries that are perfect metaphors for the BYU-Utah game that you should give a watch.