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Hundreds line up for legal pot sales in Washington

07/09/2014 1:00am
Washington's slow rollout of its legal marijuana market spreads to more cities Wednesday, one day after big crowds lined up outside the state's first licensed pot shops.

Oil prices up slightly ahead of US stockpile data

07/09/2014 1:11am
Oil prices inched up Wednesday ahead of the release later in the day of information on U.S. stockpiles of crude and refined fuels that will be a key indicator of expected demand.

Here is the latest Idaho news from The Associated Press

07/09/2014 1:30am
A timber company is planning to log and subdivide portions of its 39,000 acres of private land in northern Idaho that's part of a stalled exchange for public land. The deal involves a combination of purchasing and trading public land to obtain the 39,000 acres owned byWestern Pacific Timber Co. The timber company land includes habitat for threatened steelhead and bull trout.

Shanghai students are tops on financial knowhow

07/09/2014 2:30am
China leads the pack when it comes to the financial knowledge and skills of 15-year-old boys and girls, according to an international study released Wednesday.

US, China vow to improve cooperation

07/09/2014 2:50am
The United States and China vowed Wednesday to improve their economic and security cooperation, saying they wouldn't let persistent differences over maritime claims, cyberhacking and currency hamper a relationship critical to global peace and prosperity.

$580 million EU antitrust fine for drug makers

07/09/2014 4:00am
The European Union's antitrust body is imposing a fine of 428 million euros ($580 million) on France's pharmaceutical company Servier and five producers of generic medicines for distorting competition.

Sri Lanka bans NGO news conferences, releases

07/09/2014 4:10am
Sri Lanka has banned civil activist groups from holding news conferences and training for journalists, with the organizations rejecting the move as unconstitutional.

ND elderly care, nursing programs get $1.5M

07/09/2014 4:10am
Federal grants totaling $1.5 million are being awarded to a rural elderly care program and the University of North Dakota's School of Nursing.

China auto sales cool in June

07/09/2014 5:00am
Car sales in China cooled in June, with domestic brands falling further behind their foreign rivals in the world's biggest auto market, an industry group reported Wednesday.

UND president takes professional development leave

07/09/2014 5:20am
University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley is taking a month off to study faculty tenure issues.

Germany's Lufthansa plans long-haul budget airline

07/09/2014 6:20am
Germany's Lufthansa says it plans to expand its budget airline operation to offer long-haul flights, possibly in cooperation with Turkish Airlines.

EXCHANGE: Workplace garden boosts morale

07/09/2014 6:40am
Sree Muppa sits at a desk eight hours a day.

Whooping cough among farmworkers in Grant County

07/09/2014 7:00am
The Grant County Health District is responding to a local outbreak of whooping cough among migrant workers in Mattawa and Quincy.

Here is the latest Idaho news from The Associated Press

07/09/2014 7:00am
Authorities say Sandpoint police officers have shot and killed a woman who was armed with a knife Bonner General Hospital. KHQ-TV reports that Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler says the woman had a confrontation with the two officers, and they opened fire, killing her. Her identity was not immediately released. Coeur d'Alene Police are assisting the investigation.

AP PHOTOS: How marijuana goes from garden to store

07/09/2014 7:30am
Top Shelf Cannabis was able to open its doors to sell marijuana when Washington state's recreational pot industry finally opened for business because of growers like Sea of Green Farms.

Celgene says Otezla falls short in added use study

07/09/2014 7:30am
Shares of Celgene Corp. slipped in premarket trading Wednesday after the drugmaker said its psoriatic arthritis treatment Otezla missed the main goal of a late-stage study exploring an additional use.

China says it's up to US to drive global economy

07/09/2014 7:32am
China's finance minister said Wednesday that the country is not planning any new stimulus measures and it is up to the United States to drive the global economy.

US stocks creep higher after two days of losses

07/09/2014 8:01am
Stocks are edging higher in early trading after corporate earnings got off to an encouraging start.

China, US differ on global plan to cut emissions

07/09/2014 8:10am
China and the United States took small steps toward their shared goal of fighting climate change on Wednesday, but the world's No. 1 and No. 2 carbon emitters remain significantly apart over a wider global plan to cut emissions.

Google picks 5 charities to create ideas for Glass

07/09/2014 8:20am
Google has chosen five charities to develop ideas using Web-connected Google Glass to enhance their work.

Theme park CEO says job is about making memories

07/09/2014 8:30am
Standing in the shadows of a $30 million roller coaster that flips, drops and spins its riders, the head of the nation's fourth-biggest amusement park company points to another addition at Cedar Point he's proud of too — a shady spot to relax and munch on taffy and fudge.

Greece to test bond market again with new issue

07/09/2014 8:41am
Bailed-out Greece said Wednesday it will tap bond markets again soon, building on its success in April to return to debt markets after a forced four-year absence due to its financial turmoil.


07/09/2014 8:50am
Early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Wed.:

Illinois hospital fees to pay for error reports

07/09/2014 9:01am
A new annual licensing fee for Illinois hospitals that takes effect this month will finally fund a system for reporting medical errors that was established by state law back in 2005.

Website apologizes for Clooney mother-in-law story

07/09/2014 9:10am
The British website Mail Online apologized Wednesday to George Clooney for alleging that his fiancee's mother opposed their marriage on religious grounds — a story Clooney called both wrong and irresponsible.

Medicare providers complain of duplicative audits

07/09/2014 9:10am
Health care companies say they're losing millions of dollars that are tied up in appeals because of increasing numbers of Medicare audits. But a new report says the rise in the often duplicative audits has failed to reduce Medicare fraud.

NY insurer settles mental health parity claim

07/09/2014 9:21am
New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says he has reached a settlement with insurer EmblemHealth Inc. that will force the company to boost its coverage of mental health services.

Combat chaplain in Aurora battles PTSD after Iraq

07/09/2014 9:21am
After Lt. Rickey Bennett came back from Iraq in 2005, friends and colleagues told him he had symptoms of post-traumatic stress, but he denied it. As a military chaplain, he was trained to detect it in others, but he just didn't see it in himself.

US sanctions 3 firms for aiding Syrian government

07/09/2014 9:51am
The Treasury Department on Wednesday sanctioned three companies suspected of aiding the Syrian government, which is fighting opposition forces in a civil war that has killed more than 160,000 people.

Production in Libya's Sharara oilfield resumes

07/09/2014 9:51am
Production at one of Libya's largest oilfield restarted, pumping at more than 90 percent of its capacity in a boost to the troubled North African nation, a Libyan official said Wednesday.

Markets steady after solid earnings reports

07/09/2014 10:11am
Stock markets in Europe steadied Wednesday as Wall Street opened solidly following positive earnings news from aluminum company Alcoa.

UK enhances airport security measures

07/09/2014 10:11am
Britain has authorized airport security staff to require any traveler to turn on electronic devices as a way to test for hidden explosives. France and Germany are implementing similar measures, but only for travel to and from the United States.

US stocks creep higher after two days of losses

07/09/2014 10:11am
Stocks are edging higher in midday trading after corporate earnings got off to an encouraging start.


07/09/2014 10:21am
Sales, noon price and net change of the 15 most active New York Stock Exchange issues, trading nationally.

Sigourney Weaver reprises 'Alien' role in new game

07/09/2014 10:31am
Sigourney Weaver and the cast of "Alien" are virtually returning to the starship Nostromo.

Ukrainian charged with Russian journalists' deaths

07/09/2014 10:41am
A Ukrainian air force pilot who was captured by separatist rebels last month has been arrested in Russia and charged with abetting the killing of two Russian journalists, Russian officials said on Wednesday.

NY awards $462M to help hospitals keep services

07/09/2014 10:51am
New York health officials have awarded $462 million to help 22 hospitals and five large public hospital systems statewide continue key services.

Mexico passes tough restrictions on telecoms

07/09/2014 11:01am
The lower house of Mexico's Congress approved tough restrictions on dominant companies in the country's telephone and television sectors early Wednesday after 20 hours of debate and discussion.

Review: Unlimited e-book services offer plenty

07/09/2014 11:01am
Two startups are trying to do for e-books what Netflix does for movies.

Road trip safety tips for keeping vacations from taking a detour

07/09/2014 11:43am
As drivers hit the road for summer vacations, AAA of Utah offers some valuable road-trip safety tips.

FACT CHECK: It's 'Mediscare' time in Kentucky

07/09/2014 11:51am
Shaky claims about Medicare were common in the 2012 campaign, from President Barack Obama on down. Now they've surfaced in this year's midterm elections, in one of the hottest Senate races in the country.

Who pays your doc? Coming soon to a site near you

07/09/2014 12:20pm
When many of us have a medical appointment we're concerned about our finances: how much will we owe out-of-pocket? What's our co-pay? But next time, you may also want to ask your doctors about their financial situation.

A summer without swagger for Hollywood

07/09/2014 12:33pm
Hollywood's summer at the box office isn't just missing nearly 20 percent of last summer's revenue. It's lacking swagger.

Ford expects to return to profit in Europe in 2015

07/09/2014 12:52pm
Ford Motor Co. says it remains on track to make a profit in Europe next year despite the fragile economy.

Nixon rejects more tax credits for food, pregnancy

07/09/2014 1:01pm
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed legislation that sought to increase the tax credits available for donations to organizations providing food to the poor and aid to pregnant women.

Newspapers ask to dismiss lawsuit over agreement

07/09/2014 1:01pm
Owners of Salt Lake City's two daily newspapers argued in court documents this week that a lawsuit challenging their joint operating agreement should be thrown out.

John Wayne heirs sue university over the name Duke

07/09/2014 1:01pm
John Wayne's heirs are taking Duke University to court over the family's right to market bottles of bourbon branded with the late movie star's nickname, Duke.

Harley-Davidson recalling 66,421 motorcycles

07/09/2014 1:11pm
Harley-Davidson is recalling 66,421 Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles from the 2014 model year because their front wheels can lock up without warning.

Ranchers taking advantage of USDA disaster program

07/09/2014 1:20pm
Farmers and ranchers who suffered heavy livestock and grazing losses over the last three years due to extreme weather have been quick to take advantage of newly available disaster relief funds, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Wednesday.

McCrory criticizes Senate on budget talks

07/09/2014 1:21pm
Gov. Pat McCrory has criticized the North Carolina Senate for failing to bridge a budget impasse on education and walking out on education leaders during negotiations.

Recipe for higher sales: Add fiber, cinnamon

07/09/2014 1:42pm
General Mills hopes a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of fiber will be a recipe for stronger sales.

US students in middle of pack on financial knowhow

07/09/2014 1:51pm
In an increasingly global economy, just 1 in 10 teenagers around the world is able to make some key — but complex — financial decisions, including choosing among various loans or analyzing invoices and pay slips.

Marijuana ban initiative likely won't make ballot

07/09/2014 1:51pm
A measure that would have overturned Montana's medical marijuana law likely will not appear on the November ballot.

Oil on 2-week slide even with Mideast turmoil

07/09/2014 1:51pm
The price of oil fell for the ninth straight day Wednesday as global supplies continue to flow despite unrest in the world's most important oil-producing region.

More flights arriving late; complaints are rising

07/09/2014 2:01pm
More flights on U.S. airlines are running late or getting canceled, and complaints are rising.

Tennessee accused of failing to follow health law

07/09/2014 2:01pm
Tennessee health officials said Wednesday they disagree with a letter from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that accuses the state of failing to provide certain services as required by the federal health care law.

Visitors wait 5 hours for Harry Potter ride

07/09/2014 2:11pm
You might need a magic wand to get on the new Harry Potter ride at Universal Orlando Resort.

US stocks creep higher after two days of losses

07/09/2014 2:11pm
Stocks are closing higher after corporate earnings got off to an encouraging start.

Improper payments by federal government top $100B

07/09/2014 2:41pm
By its own estimate, the government made about $100 billion in payments last year to people who may not have been entitled to receive them — tax credits to families that didn't qualify, unemployment benefits to people who had jobs and medical payments for treatments that might not have been necessary.

Top Senate Democrat blocks votes on gun proposals

07/09/2014 2:51pm
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked a parade of campaign-season votes on gun rights Wednesday that could have been a political thorn for Democrats seeking to retain control of the chamber in this fall's elections.

Coal company says Illinois rival breached deal

07/09/2014 3:01pm
A leading U.S. coal company is suing a rival with which it shared confidential business plans during a deal that later fizzled, saying the competitor used the proprietary details to buy up land in southern Illinois to thwart the accuser's expansion plans.

Illinois sends schools checks on time, a rare move

07/09/2014 3:01pm
Illinois schools have received promised grant payments from the state on time for the first time since 2007 — but in another sign of the state's precarious financial situation, a top education official has warned schools not to expect the pleasant surprise to become a permanent habit.

EU source: 11 more people to face sanctions over actions against Ukraine's government

07/09/2014 3:11pm
EU source: 11 more people to face sanctions over actions against Ukraine's government.

Lawsuit: Idaho company used human trafficking

07/09/2014 3:11pm
A federal lawsuit filed against an Idaho-based company contending it engaged in human trafficking has been put on hold while the U.S. Department of Homeland Security investigates.


07/09/2014 3:31pm
A snapshot of major stock and commodities market indicators Wednesday:


07/09/2014 3:31pm
A snapshot of major stock and commodities market indicators Wednesday:

EU to sanction 11 more people over Ukraine

07/09/2014 3:32pm
Ambassadors of the European Union's countries have agreed to add 11 new names to the list of people sanctioned for participating in the pro-Russian insurgency in Ukraine's east, an EU source said Wednesday.

'Under the Dome' off to slow start this season

07/09/2014 3:41pm
A substantial number of the people who made CBS' "Under the Dome" the surprise hit of last summer appear to have lost interest in the fate of the fictional town of Chester's Mill, Maine.

Fed sees October end for monthly bond buying

07/09/2014 4:01pm
Federal Reserve officials are in broad agreement that they will likely announce an end to their monthly bond buying program in October, bringing to a close the third round of massive bond purchases the central bank has relied upon to boost economic growth following the Great Recession.

Army leaders defend flawed intelligence system

07/09/2014 4:11pm
Gen. John Campbell, the army's vice chief of staff and nominee to lead U.S. forces in Afghanistan, cited his son's experiences as a soldier there to answer a senator's tough questions last year about a troubled intelligence technology system.

Report: Detroit art valued at more than $4.6B

07/09/2014 4:11pm
Treasures in the Detroit Institute of Arts eyed for sale by some creditors in the city's historic bankruptcy could be worth more than $4.6 billion, but likely would fetch a quarter of that or less in a forced liquidation, according to a new report.

Alcoa helps lift market after 2 days of declines

07/09/2014 4:13pm
Corporate earnings season got off to a positive start Wednesday, helping lift the stock market after two days of declines.

Nuclear plant tests thousands of air samples

07/09/2014 4:21pm
Officials say about 12,000 air samples taken on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation this year after more than three dozen workers reported being sickened by chemical vapors have failed to find a cause for the problem.

State seeks more marijuana dispensary proposals

07/09/2014 4:21pm
Four companies will have another shot to operate one of Massachusetts' first medical marijuana dispensaries, the state announced on Wednesday.

Survey: Rapes not investigated at 2 in 5 colleges

07/09/2014 4:31pm
A survey of colleges and universities finds a lack of coordination between many campuses and local law enforcement in handling sexual assaults, and that many schools have gone years without investigating such cases.

Hagel says nuclear operation has drifted

07/09/2014 4:31pm
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told naval submariners on Wednesday that the U.S. has let its focus on the military's nuclear responsibilities drift a bit, but two reviews are wrapping up and he will be looking at recommendations to strengthen the health of the force.

American Apparel receives financing

07/09/2014 4:31pm
American Apparel Inc. announced late Wednesday it had reached a deal with investment firm Standard General to receive an investment of up to $25 million to bolster the clothing chain's finances. It will also mean a shake-up in the board.

NC House makes concession on lottery advertising

07/09/2014 5:01pm
North Carolina House negotiators made a key budget concession Wednesday following a series of tense exchanges and a walkout by Senate Republicans objecting when school leaders were brought in to bolster the House position on preserving funds for teacher assistants.

1 year later, no new abortion rules in N. Carolina

07/09/2014 5:11pm
Abortion rights advocates in North Carolina say they are in the dark about new rules required by a year-old law that they fear could effectively shut down many of the state's clinics.

Service held for 200 whose bodies went unclaimed

07/09/2014 5:20pm
A casket carrying the body of Richard Clement was slowly lowered into its final resting place on Wednesday.

Bank BNP Paribas pleads guilty to violating rules

07/09/2014 5:31pm
BNP Paribas, France's largest bank, pleaded guilty Wednesday to a federal charge of violating U.S. economic sanctions by processing transactions for clients in blacklisted countries, a development that a Manhattan judge said should show that no financial institution is "immune from the rule of law."

Pot gives Oregonians a reason to visit neighbor

07/09/2014 5:31pm
Legal pot means Portlandia is going to get to know "The Couv" a little better.

Memphis 'Blue Flu' symbol of pension troubles

07/09/2014 5:31pm
Faced with major changes to their health insurance benefits, more than 500 Memphis police officers called in sick Wednesday for the second consecutive day to protest cuts aimed at helping buttress the city's troubled pension program in a showdown that reflects wider struggles in cash-strapped urban centers across the country.

Korean firm to pay $2M to settle case in Virginia

07/09/2014 5:41pm
A South Korean chemical company has agreed to pay $2 million to settle a criminal complaint alleging attempted theft of a competitor's trade secrets.

Border surge overwhelming, officials tell Congress

07/09/2014 6:30pm
Tens of thousands of children streaming from chaotic Central American nations to the U.S. border have overwhelmed the government's ability to respond, senior Obama administration officials testified Wednesday as they urged senators to agree to the president's emergency spending request for the crisis.

Senate approves bill to clean up toxic Nevada mine

07/09/2014 6:31pm
The U.S. Senate has approved legislation intended to launch the long-awaited cleanup of a toxic, abandoned manganese mine outside of Las Vegas.

Brennan's to reopen after bankruptcy sale

07/09/2014 6:40pm
A restaurant that for decades was a fixture of the New Orleans culinary scene is back — at least in name.

Study: Psych drug ER trips approach 90,000 a year

07/09/2014 8:20pm
Bad reactions to psychiatric drugs result in nearly 90,000 emergency room visits each year by U.S. adults, with anti-anxiety medicines and sedatives among the most common culprits, a study suggests.

Colorado completes 1st legal pot market study

07/09/2014 8:31pm
Colorado is smoking pot by the ton, and visitors are, too.

Report: Chinese hackers hit US personnel networks

07/09/2014 9:43pm
Chinese hackers broke into the computer networks of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management earlier this year with the intention of accessing the files of tens of thousands of federal employees who had applied for top-secret security clearances, according to The New York Times.

China export growth edges up to 7.2 percent

07/09/2014 10:40pm
China's export growth edged higher in June in a small sign of improvement for the world's second biggest economy as it undergoes an uneven recovery.