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Czech economy out of recession

09/03/2013 1:46am
The Czech Republic has moved out of recession, registering economic growth of 0.6 percent in the second quarter compared with the preceding three-month period.

Jarden buying Yankee Candle for about $1.75B

09/03/2013 5:45am
Consumer products company Jarden is buying Yankee Candle for about $1.75 billion, helping to expand its product offerings.

Verizon sees few changes to US wireless business

09/03/2013 6:52am
Verizon Wireless says it's aiming to keep its network quality high even after it spends $130 billion to buy out a big stake from Vodafone.

Bezos to take tested Amazon approach at The Post

09/03/2013 6:53am
Jeff Bezos is hoping the strategic approach that's made Amazon such a success will help revive the struggling Washington Post.

Hackers find weaknesses in car computer systems

09/03/2013 9:01am
As cars become more like PCs on wheels, what's to stop a hacker from taking over yours?

Report: UAW, VW meet on representing Tenn. workers

09/03/2013 10:16am
A German newspaper says United Auto Workers union officials met last week with Volkswagen to discuss representing workers at VW's Chattanooga, Tenn., plant.

A look back at Google's sweet treat Android names

09/03/2013 11:25am
Google is naming its latest Android mobile operating system after Kit Kats. Here's a look at Google's history of naming each version of the system after sweet treats:

Gimme a break: New Android system named 'KitKat'

09/03/2013 11:41am
Gimme a break, Google. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

S&P says US government's lawsuit is 'retaliation'

09/03/2013 3:39pm
Standard & Poor's says the U.S. government sued the rating agency as "retaliation" for its downgrade of the country's credit rating.

Chobani pulling some yogurt over quality concerns

09/03/2013 4:43pm
Chobani is pulling some of its Greek yogurt from supermarket shelves after hearing of "swelling or bloating" in cups.

News Corp. sells group of local newspapers

09/03/2013 5:34pm
News Corp., the owner of The Wall Street Journal, is trimming its newspaper portfolio by selling 33 smaller publications, including eight dailies.