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'It makes me feel happy' says Special Olympics athlete

06/14/2014 9:31am
A team of Special Olympic athletes is traveling to Princeton, New Jersey, to compete among 3,500 competitors in the 2014 Special Olympic Summer Games

SLC involved in effort to house 100K chronically homeless

06/14/2014 2:16pm
Salt Lake City and other partners in a national effort to reduce chronic homelessness have reached their collective goal of housing 100,000 Americans. The men, women and children housed include more than 30,000 veterans.

50 things you might not know about your favorite Disney films, 1955-1986 edition

06/14/2014 3:33pm
Here are 50 things you might not know about 11 Disney films from the company's middle period, starting with Golden-Era classics like "Lady and the Tramp" and "Sleeping Beauty" and working through "The Great Mouse Detective" and "Oliver & Company," which ushered in a new world of computer animation.

Downtown Farmers Market kicks off in SLC

06/14/2014 4:39pm
The Downtown Farmers Market opened its summer season on Saturday.

Man falls 40-50 feet into water at Donut Falls, police say

06/14/2014 5:59pm
A man is alive and was being transported to the hospital by Life Flight Saturday after falling 40-50 feet into the water at Donut Falls, police said.

Ogden crews contain fire affecting several buildings

06/14/2014 6:00pm
Fire crews contained a fire that spread from a travel trailer to some buildings on Friday night.

Endangered Missing Advisory issued for 12-year-old girl

06/14/2014 6:16pm
Police have issued an Endangered Missing Advisory for 12-year-old Stevie Shane.

Murder charge filed in fatal Kearns shooting

06/14/2014 6:27pm
Murder charges have been filed against a man who police say shot a Kearns resident he suspected of having a secret relationship with his girlfriend.

Book Festival, Chalk Art Festival and others raise foster care awareness

06/14/2014 6:35pm
Conjoined festivals draw families from all over the state to the Gateway for important causes of literacy and belonging.

Flag Day still an important holiday to many

06/14/2014 7:01pm
As with almost anyone from America's greatest generation, the American flag is more than just fabric and stitches.

Body of missing Moab man found in Colorado River

06/14/2014 7:16pm
Crews recovered the body of a man missing since June 6 after being separated from his rafting party.

Father and son found in good condition after going missing Thursday night

06/14/2014 8:43pm
A father and son from Centerville are in good condition after spending an unplanned night in the wilderness.

Asian culture celebrated at 37th annual Asian Festival

06/14/2014 9:12pm
The 37th annual Asian Festival on Saturday brought those of all ages and race together to celebrate Asian cultures in Utah.

Medical condition likely caused death of camper, police say

06/14/2014 9:41pm
A man was found dead in a small tent in Diamond Fork Canyon on Saturday, police said.

St. George siblings celebrate 4 weddings at once

06/14/2014 10:21pm
Imagine sharing your wedding day with not one, but three of your siblings. One St. George family did just that.

3 children hurt after cannon mishap in Orem parade

06/14/2014 10:45pm
Three children were hurt after a cannon misfired during a parade in Orem.