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Nearly 12K more students in Utah public schools this year

11/12/2013 6:49am
New state figures show there are nearly 12,000 more students enrolled in public schools this fall.

Hunter rescued from water at Farmington Bay

11/12/2013 7:28am
A man is recovering after he fell into freezing water while duck hunting in the dark at Farmington Bay.

School awards students for personal best, overcomes labels

11/12/2013 8:34am
If a kid is labeled by his peers as a "brainiac," a geek or a problem child, that reputation could stick with that student unless a teacher does something about it.

Photos: Hiking Deseret Peak

11/12/2013 11:02am
Deseret Peak is an incredible mountain for those seeking excellent scenery, wildlife, and solitude. The area offers unparalleled views of incredible rock formations, peaks, and canyons.

New painless shot device creating buzz among moms

11/12/2013 12:44pm
Since children receive more than two dozen shots by the age of six, it's understandable that some would develop a fear of needles. And with that phobia in mind, one mom — who's also a doctor — came up with a fun device to make shots pain-free.

Family finds human remains on hike

11/12/2013 1:38pm
A mother and her children discovered a nearly full set of human remains close to Colorado City.

Public Safety Building first 'net zero' energy building in country

11/12/2013 2:04pm
Roof-top solar, natural lighting, an energy monitoring system and more combined to give the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building a "net zero" energy rating, the first building of its kind to achieve that standard.

Provo proposes $90M bond to rebuild 5 schools

11/12/2013 2:24pm
Provo School District is proposing a $90 million bond to rebuild five schools.

Payson man arrested in string of office thefts, police say

11/12/2013 4:31pm
Provo police have arrested a Payson man in connection with a string of thefts at office buildings in Utah County.

Utah House panel subpoenas Jeremy Johnson in AG investigation

11/12/2013 5:19pm
State lawmakers want information from the man who touched off the political firestorm that led to their investigation of embattled Attorney General John Swallow.

Alleged stalking victim wants more than 'slap on the wrist' for attorney

11/12/2013 5:46pm
A Midvale attorney accused of stalking a former employee and firing multiple rounds in her condominium has struck a plea bargain with prosecutors and will be sentenced next week.

Seat belts on commercial buses delayed 45 years

11/12/2013 5:54pm
After a drunken driver on a California highway back in 1968 slammed into a bus carrying passengers to Las Vegas, killing 19, investigators said a lack of seat belts contributed to the high death toll. But 45 years later, safety advocates are still waiting for the government to act on seat belts and other measures to protect bus passengers.

5-car wreck caused by man driving on suspended license, police say

11/12/2013 5:56pm
A man driving on a suspended license because of alcohol violations is under investigation for allegedly causing a five-car accident on Redwood Road Tuesday.

Police searching for masked gunman who shot parole agent

11/12/2013 5:59pm
The search continued Tuesday for a masked gunman who shot an Adult Probation and Parole officer from Arizona.

Recall issued for Plum Organics baby food pouch products

11/12/2013 6:02pm
Plum Organics is voluntarily recalling some of its baby food products because of potential for spoilage.

Michael Jordan's shoes from 'flu game' go up for auction

11/12/2013 6:17pm
A piece of NBA history will be made public again after being safely locked away in a Davis County bank for years.

Legal community mixed after MacNeill conviction

11/12/2013 6:31pm
The legal community's reaction to Martin MacNeill's murder conviction was mixed Monday, with some attorneys calling the verdict "disturbing" and others saying the jury did its job.

Jennings pleads guilty to shooting wife's dad at church

11/12/2013 7:46pm
Charles Richard Jennings Jr., the man accused of shooting his wife's father during a Roman Catholic Mass in Ogden, has pleaded guilty to attempted murder and other charges and claimed he was having a psychotic episode during the attack.

SLC gang member deported to Belize

11/12/2013 8:20pm
A Salt Lake City gang member who served time in federal prison has now been deported to Belize, according to immigration officials.

Stand for the Family conference shines light on issues affecting the family

11/12/2013 8:38pm
The Stand for the Family conference, scheduled for Nov. 15 in Sandy, will bring together experts to discuss issues affecting the family and will encourage citizens to take a stand for marriage, motherhood, parental rights and religious freedom.

West Valley case remains state's only active Amber Alert 5 years later

11/12/2013 9:18pm
A young woman from Riverton has made it her mission to find three children who were illegally taken by their father in 2008. The case prompted an Amber Alert, which is the only one in Utah that remains active.

Brigham City program delivers flowers to the elderly

11/12/2013 9:48pm
Brigham City business owner Kyle Kanno has found a way to honor the memory of a loved one while making some elderly strangers feel a little less lonely through the simple gesture of giving flowers.

Utah parents look for change in cannabis 'life-improving therapy'

11/12/2013 10:11pm
A group of Utah parents is pursuing changes in state commerce rules to allow them to purchase a potentially "life-improving therapy" derived from marijuana plants legally grown in neighboring Colorado.

'Help the Filipinos in their hour of need,' says US Marine General

11/12/2013 10:24pm
Clean water and food are in short supply in the Philippines after the devastating typhoon that killed thousands. The country is in desperate need of food and relief efforts.

11/12/13 a day for unique celebrations in Utah

11/12/2013 10:26pm
The unique date 11/12/13 no doubt prompted a series of celebrations and ceremonies around the world. But for some Utahns, the special date wasn't enough. They made sure times of births, wedding ceremonies and even the number of party supplies were just right.

Injured hiker is 3rd to be rescued in Bell Canyon this year

11/12/2013 10:28pm
Search and rescue crews carried an injured hiker out of Bell Canyon Tuesday after he fell about 30 feet. Unified police say this is the third rescue they've conducted in the canyon this year.

Coming shortage of family caregivers, study shows

11/12/2013 10:39pm
Reports show that many adults are caregivers to an elderly or disabled adult or child. With the large population of aging baby boomers, many of these adults wonder who will care for them when they are old.

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