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Utah's 'ag gag' law triggers legal case

07/22/2013 1:42am
Animal rights activists filed a federal lawsuit Monday challenging Utah's so-called "ag gag" law.

'Free' trial offer could be costly, woman discovers

07/22/2013 7:45am
Many businesses use freebie offers to hook you on their products. But if you sign up for one, you'll quickly learn "free" likely comes with strings.

Sister-in-law honors man’s memory by donating bone marrow to child

07/22/2013 9:02am
Julianne Grose was contacted two months ago by the National Marrow Donor Program, saying she was a bone marrow match for a child with leukemia. Grose calls it a miracle.

Ask a cop: Is there a rivalry between police and firefighters?

07/22/2013 10:37am
Have you ever wanted to ask a cop a question but have either been too afraid or had warrants? Well, now is your chance to ask through the safety of the Internet. Today's discussion is about the police and fire rivalry.

Networking with greater purpose

07/22/2013 10:45am
Last July, Brent Klovstad with Enterprise Rent-a-Car received news from his employer that he was being transferred from Orange County to Salt Lake City. He knew less than a handful of people in Utah, but after moving he turned to United Way of Salt Lake's Young Leaders to help change that.

Rockwell exhibit opens at Church History Museum

07/22/2013 11:11am
Illustrator Norman Rockwell is well-known for his "Saturday Evening Post" cover art, but he also illustrated hundreds of pieces of art related to Scouting.

A pedestal too high: Is marriage too good for people?

07/22/2013 11:40am
While many people say they admire marriage and aspire to be married, the trends show otherwise. Can it be that people are expecting the wrong things?

SLC to get taste of Las Vegas nightlife with new entertainment center

07/22/2013 12:01pm
Downtown Salt Lake City's nightlife could soon rival the country's finest as a new entertainment center undergoes the first stages of construction.

Body of missing man found, autopsy ordered

07/22/2013 2:31pm
The body of a Wellington man was found Thursday near his Jeep at the bottom of a 300-foot cliff. The Carbon County Sheriff's Office says it appears the man committed suicide, but an autopsy has been ordered.

Utah next in line to get controversial TV streaming service

07/22/2013 4:25pm
Another TV streaming service is going to enter the Utah market come August as Aereo carries out its plan to head west and launch across the state.

2 killed in Salt Lake City shooting

07/22/2013 4:41pm
Two people were killed Monday in a reported shooting in Salt Lake City.

Water at a trickle for some Ogden Canyon residents

07/22/2013 5:07pm
Ogden city is responding to some unhappy residents in Ogden Canyon who say a water line project made washing, bathing and yard work a terrible chore for some time.

Orem man charged with murder of wife

07/22/2013 5:40pm
The Orem man accused of killing his wife last fall appeared in court for the first time Monday afternoon.

Man says motorcyclist followed him home after violent road rage incident

07/22/2013 5:58pm
What happens when a road rage incident gets way out of hand, leaving his family scared to be in their own home. One Herriman man was forced to answer that question when a driver started a fight, then showed up at his home to do more damage.

Norweigan woman released from Dubai prison speaks with KSL

07/22/2013 6:40pm
Dubai officials have pardoned a 24-year-old Norwegian woman who was jailed after she told police she'd been raped.

Man dies in ATV accident in Manti Canyon

07/22/2013 6:59pm
A man died Monday in an as-yet unexplained ATV accident in Manti Canyon.

Water levels about 40 percent capacity at Echo Dam Reservoir

07/22/2013 7:23pm
Many of Utah reservoirs' water levels are far below normal during this year's drought. State hydrologists have said it will only get worse: Utahans tend to use more water in July and August than any other time of the year.

'Sweet' 5K race to benefit Utah County mom battling rare disease

07/22/2013 7:32pm
When common cold symptoms turned into something much less common for an Eagle Mountain mother of two, her life was dramatically altered. Now, a local charity is hosting a sweet event to help her battle a rare autoimmune disease.

Some want pre-season MRIs for high school athletes

07/22/2013 7:56pm
Although the medical community is just beginning to understand the trauma associated with them, many agree more needs to be done, including MRI's before an injury occurs.

House Speaker to decide on possible conflict in Swallow investigation

07/22/2013 8:22pm
It could be just a mild bump in the road for the special committee assigned to investigate Attorney General John Swallow: The Speaker of the House will decide this week whether the chairman has a conflict of interest, or whether he can continue that work.

Partial Verizon Wireless outage reveals tech dependency

07/22/2013 9:06pm
These days, everyone is on a cell phone or some sort of mobile device. When the wireless service went out Sunday, the anxiety piqued.

State's renowned education savings plan hits $6 billion milestone

07/22/2013 9:15pm
Utah's renowned 529 programs are continuing to thrive as officials with the Utah Educational Savings Plan announced they reached a milestone.

Woman dies on wedding anniversary hike to 'The Wave'

07/22/2013 10:12pm
A 27-year-old Arizona woman passed away while hiking to a popular and exclusive tourist spot in Southern Utah Monday. She was celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband.

How to crack medical bill codes

07/22/2013 10:16pm
If you've ever had to deal with large medical bills, you probably know the pain of trying to make sense of all the charges. Orem resident Ruth Cuell received a bill for an ambulance ride that she didn't think was fair. A KSL investigation revealed that when it comes to cracking medical codes, the bill doesn't always tell the full story.

Heat takes its toll on Utah's roads and residents

07/22/2013 10:49pm
The lakes and reservoirs are shockingly low. Rivers are drier than they've been in years and the roads are buckling under the blazing sun. Fifteen days of 100-degree weather or higher is causing all kinds of problems, and has people talking about what to do.

After 45 years, ranger still guides tours through Timpanogos Cave

07/22/2013 11:17pm
Can you imagine loving your summer job so much that you never leave it? An American Fork man who has spent 45 years leading tours at Timpanogos Cave after taking a summer job there knows exactly what it's like to love a job that much.

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