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Man critically injured on motorcycle after being hit by truck

06/12/2013 7:00am
A Missouri man was critically injured Monday after he was ejected from his motorcycle during a crash in Duchesne County, according to the Utah Highway Patrol.

Educators hope suicide prevention specialist will tackle growing issue

06/12/2013 7:42am
Utah educators are stepping up their efforts in keeping children from committing suicide by looking for their first-ever suicide prevention specialist. They hope the new position will go a long way toward stopping a serious issue in Utah.

Council pushes tax hike after SLC mayor threatens veto

06/12/2013 8:36am
With Mayor Ralph Becker's threat of veto looming, the Salt Lake City Council pushed forward with a proposed $7 million property tax increase, confident it will have enough support to circumvent the mayor. SLC Council advances tax hike proposal despite threat of veto

GPS could lead you astray, with dire consequences

06/12/2013 8:49am
Getting from point A to point B has gotten a lot easier because of GPS navigation. But what if one of those satellite maps steers you in the wrong direction?

What really makes a man? Being a dad

06/12/2013 11:25am
What makes a real man? Some give the well-shod answers we see in the movies and in the school yard: A man is tough, macho, bold, fearless, strong — even bulletproof sometimes.

Scare tactics aside, immigration reform strengthens our economy

06/12/2013 11:49am
As the debate over comprehensive immigration reform heats up through the summer, the messages—just like in any political campaign—will grow more divisive. Think of it like an election year, but over an issue rather than candidates.

Utah criticized for lax cockfighting law

06/12/2013 12:37pm
With Nevada upgrading its laws this week, Utah becomes the only state west of the Mississippi that lacks a felony provision for first- offense cockfighting. Despite several attempts, such a provision repeatedly gets shot down in the Utah Legislature.

Coca-Cola picks Utah Olympian to be part of 'Four-Pack' ad campaign

06/12/2013 4:38pm
The Coca-Cola Company has announced that Park City-native Ted Ligety will be one its "Four-Pack" of athletes to serve as active living ambassadors for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

William Shatner to appear at Salt Lake Comic Con

06/12/2013 4:54pm
Salt Lake Comic Con announced Wednesday that William Shatner, Star Trek's Captain Kirk, will be a special guest at the convention this September.

Seasonal shopping center first step in Granary District project

06/12/2013 5:47pm
You may not think of shopping and dining on 700 South and 300 West, but a nonprofit and a group of businesses hope you soon will.

Family sues West Valley police over daughter's shooting death

06/12/2013 6:30pm
The parents of Danielle Willard, who was shot and killed by police in November, filed a wrongful death lawsuit Wednesday against West Valley City.

Charges dismissed against chiropractor accused of exploitation

06/12/2013 7:02pm
Charges have been dropped against a Highland chiropractor accused of exploiting a disabled woman.

Motorcyclist hits semitrailer, wanders a mile from crash

06/12/2013 7:31pm
A motorcyclist survived a potentially deadly accident late Tuesday night after slamming into a semitrailer at close to freeway speeds and then wandering a mile from the scene.

Swallow defends himself after calls for resignation

06/12/2013 7:34pm
Embattled Attorney General John Swallow appeared on KSL's Doug Wright Show to defend himself and say that he has no intention of quitting his job. This comes the day after the Governor hinted that he would fire Swallow if he could.

New law aims to take politics out of fire restrictions

06/12/2013 7:36pm
More people will have a voice on the fire restrictions this year, thanks to a new law that aims to remove the influence of politics from those decisions.

At White House request, Utah leaders meet to discuss immigration reform

06/12/2013 8:03pm
Immigration reform is the talk in Washington, D.C., this week, but it's also a big deal in cities across the nation. At the request of the White House, community leaders in Salt Lake met Wednesday to discuss how immigration reform affects the community.

Trial begins for man accused in Capitol Hill murder

06/12/2013 8:07pm
Kaleb Yazzie was killed in a stabbing after being asked to leave a house party at 31 Girard Avenue on July 31, 2012. The trial for the man accused of stabbing and killing Yazzie started Wednesday.

Building burned, vandalized at Deer Creek State Park

06/12/2013 8:17pm
A fire destroyed the main office building at Deer Creek State Park Monday, and investigators said the scene looked like an incident of arson.

Bike stolen from Kearns teen with autism

06/12/2013 8:42pm
For 15-year-old A.J. Garrick, his blue, three-wheel bike means the world to him. But someone stole it Tuesday, and his family is pleading for its return.

High winds cause tree to crush roof of Taylorsville home

06/12/2013 10:06pm
High winds knocked a large tree onto a house Wednesday, crushing the roof and making the home uninhabitable until the damage is repaired.

With increase in cyclists, drivers and riders must work together

06/12/2013 10:29pm
Cycling has surged 30 percent in the last two years in Salt Lake City. But with plenty of people taking up the sport comes the need for all of us to focus on sharing the road.

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