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'There's a lot of misinformation out there,' says education board of Common Core

05/24/2013 9:52am
Delegates voted at the recent GOP State Convention on an Anti-Common Core Resolution in an attempt to counter an academic benchmark proposal that has come under fire by conservative groups.

Centerville teen hoping to recover from eye injury to continue racing

05/24/2013 11:04am
A Centerville teenager has a dream to race cars, but a dodgeball injury that damaged his vision has presented a few setbacks to his life goal.

Free fishing day scheduled for June 8

05/24/2013 1:20pm
Saturday, June 8, is Free Fishing Day in Utah. Anglers don't need a fishing license to fish in the state that day.

Comeback for JC Penney? Wyoming town watches carefully

05/24/2013 1:33pm
One of the best-known companies in American retailing is fighting for survival. No place is watching the drama with more concern than the town of Kemmerer, Wyo.

5 events to fill your Memorial Day weekend

05/24/2013 2:06pm
Everybody loves a good three-day weekend and with Memorial Day on the horizon, there are plenty of activities and things to do in Utah to celebrate. So along with decorating graves and remembering your loved ones, here is a list of five other activities to fill your time.

Man arrested after strapping firearm on prostethic leg at SLC airport

05/24/2013 5:23pm
A man was arrested Thursday evening after Transportation Security Administration officers located a loaded firearm strapped to his prosthetic leg in the Salt Lake City International airport.

Classically trained chef opens diner in Uintah County's oilfield

05/24/2013 5:31pm
Signs are common in the oilfields of the Uintah Basin. Some point the way to drilling rigs or natural gas compressor stations. Others warn about the potential presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. A sign advertising "Hot Food," however, is rare.

Extra troopers hit the road aiming to prevent fatal crashes on holiday weekend

05/24/2013 6:28pm
This weekend kicks off a travel period in Utah that carries with it the dubious distinction of "the 100 deadliest days" on the road. But UHP troopers hope traffic law enforcement and driver responsibility will be the keys to safety on this holiday weekend.

Community rallies around family of West Point boys allegedly killed by brother

05/24/2013 6:41pm
A West Point community has spent the last few days trying to show support for a family that lost two boys after their older brother allegedly stabbed them to death.

'Count My Vote' group aims to change GOP caucus system

05/24/2013 6:52pm
A group of high-profile Utah Republicans is pushing for changes to Utah's caucus and convention system. But after state GOP delegates shot down their proposal during a party convention last Saturday, they're mulling over what to do next.

Parents of shooting victim dedicate memorial, push for safer schools

05/24/2013 7:44pm
The parents of Emilie Parker, a 6-year-old Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim, came back to Ogden this week where friends and relatives wanted to do something so that the little girl is never forgotten.

Man who dressed as woman to rob bank arrested

05/24/2013 9:02pm
A man was arrested Friday after police say he robbed two Salt Lake County banks — one while wearing a construction vest and hard hat, another while dressed in women's clothes and a wig.

Hogle Zoo to bring visitors and animals up close and personal

05/24/2013 10:33pm
Petting zoos aren't just for bunnies and goats anymore, at least not at Utah's Hogle Zoo.

Aging satellites could affect accuracy in predicting major storms

05/24/2013 10:42pm
Early warning is critical to saving lives when severe weather hits, but a look at the U.S. weather satellites shows we could soon be without the information that helps predict major storms.

Mother, boyfriend charged with abuse of disabled 9-month-old

05/24/2013 10:51pm
A mother and her boyfriend were charged Friday with abuse or neglect of a disabled child after the 9-month-old suffered facial burns.

Man charged with killing police officer found dead in jail cell

05/24/2013 10:56pm
Matthew David Stewart, the man charged in the shooting death of Ogden police officer Jared Francom, was found dead in his Weber County Jail cell Friday morning.

Plymouth water supply contaminated with E. coli

05/24/2013 11:14pm
Residents in Plymouth have been advised not to drink the water after E. coli was detected in the water supply.

Father calls for new search in Powell case; more warrants unsealed

05/24/2013 11:31pm
Now that the active police investigation into the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell is over, her father has a new idea about where to look for her body. Also Friday, a Utah judge unsealed several warrants relating to the missing person case.

Provo couple killed in St. George motor home crash

05/24/2013 11:45pm
A motor home crashed into a condominium complex in St. George early Friday, killing two people from Provo and injuring eight. The crash marks the beginning of a busy travel weekend.