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Airmen return home, grounded for 6 months

04/23/2013 7:54am
More than 100 airmen returned home to Hill Air Force Base after six months away, but they won't be flying for another six months because the federal government cannot afford it.

U of U partners with local schools to fund minority students' teaching education

04/23/2013 8:10am
As Utah's population grows more diverse, education leaders say teachers from difference races, cultures and backgrounds benefit not only minority students, but the community as a whole.

Kennecott warns ATV riders to heed road closures following slide

04/23/2013 8:32am
Kennecott officials are warning ATV riders who are bypassing road closures in Butterfield Canyon and driving to the edge of the Bingham Canyon Mine that they are putting themselves in danger. ATV riders ignoring canyon closure following landslide

Man arrested after child porn found on computer

04/23/2013 8:40am
Police want to know if there are any more victims after they found child pornography on devices inside a Provo home.

AP Twitter feed hacked, sends false report of White House bomb

04/23/2013 11:58am
Hackers have compromised the main Twitter account of The Associated Press, sending out an erroneous tweet about an attack at the White House.

Significant increases of STD cases in Utah during 2012

04/23/2013 1:36pm
Cases of some sexually transmitted diseases increased dramatically statewide in 2012, and the trend has continued through the start of 2013, according to the Utah Department of Health.

Man arrested for attacking couple with baseball bat

04/23/2013 2:17pm
A Uintah County man is accused of using a metal baseball bat to assault his ex-girlfriend and a man who was with her, striking them both in head.

St. George man's 14-year-old McDonald's burger just won't rot

04/23/2013 2:37pm
The lifespan of a hamburger is usually measured in minutes: You get the burger, you scarf the burger, the burger is gone forever. A man from St. George, however, claims that he has a 14-year-old McDonald's burger that still looks like new.

Police search Layton school's surveillance video for pipe bomb suspect

04/23/2013 3:51pm
Layton Police say they have hundreds of hours of surveillance video to look over as they try to identify who threw a pipe bomb onto the roof of an elementary school.

Ogden elementary evacuated after bomb threat

04/23/2013 3:57pm
Students at Shadow Valley Elementary in Ogden were evacuated Tuesday due to a bomb threat.

Man arrested for second attack in 2 weeks

04/23/2013 4:14pm
A man arrested less than two weeks ago is back in jail after being arrested for a separate aggravated assault incident.

Voice-to-text still distracting, dangerous

04/23/2013 4:34pm
Using voice-to-text technology may have drivers thinking it's safer than manual texting, but a new study shows it's not.

Escaped tiger surprises woman in circus restroom

04/23/2013 5:16pm
A Kansas woman was surprised during her first trip to the circus after a tiger escaped and found her in the bathroom.

'Religious fervor' motive in Boston bombing concerns Utah Muslims

04/23/2013 6:05pm
Investigators in Boston said Tuesday they had learned more about the attacks on the Boston Marathon on April 15. They said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect, was likely not the mastermind behind the attack, but that both brothers appeared to have been acting alone, motivated by a desire to protect Islam.

Police: Cats being tortured, bound to tracks in Provo

04/23/2013 6:18pm
Provo police are investigating several cases of animal cruelty involving the torturing and tying of six cats to FrontRunner tracks.

Bomb threats in Utah 'copycats' after Boston Marathon

04/23/2013 6:54pm
In a matter of 24 hours, several bomb threats were reported around the state, forcing one school to evacuate and a highway to shut down. Officials said the reports may be copycats of last week's Boston Marathon bombings.

Wanted Vernal man arrested in Ariz.

04/23/2013 7:03pm
A man being sought by Vernal police for cutting off the electronic ankle monitor he was required to wear while awaiting trial in a sexual assault case has been arrested in Arizona.

Chemicals seeping into Woods Cross water; treatment facility to be built

04/23/2013 7:15pm
Woods Cross will spend about $4 million to build a water treatment facility to get rid of PCE in wells. Residents will be an additional $7 to $9 a month to pay for the facility.

1 in 6 Utah road deaths involved motorcycles in 2012; safety urged

04/23/2013 7:47pm
As the weather warms up, more motorcycle riders will hit the road, many of them with little experience and a new motorcycle to ride.

How a 7-year-old renewed my faith in humanity

04/23/2013 8:34pm
I couldn't get the Boston marathon bombing out of my head. Sadness engulfed me. Is that the world we live in? Is that the world my kids will be raised in? A picture of a seven-year-old boy giving everything he had renewed my faith in humanity.

Teacher's arrest raises questions about sex case sentencing

04/23/2013 8:41pm
News of a 22-year-old female teacher and coach being accused of raping a 17-year-old female student has raised questions about the standard penalties in sex crime sentencing.

3 in hospital after Hurricane car accident

04/23/2013 9:30pm
Three people were injured Tuesday in a car accident in Hurricane that temporarily closed a portion of the road while one person was extricated from a vehicle.

New trial for woman in decade-old death of ranch hand found in Utah

04/23/2013 9:49pm
An Elko woman whose murder conviction was overturned by the Nevada Supreme Court is going back on trial in the killing of a ranch hand whose body was found in Utah 10 years ago.

Investigators throw out 98 West Valley police cases

04/23/2013 10:06pm
Yet another case investigated by West Valley police has been dismissed in federal court due to credibility concerns.

Mineral company negotiates with environmentalists, reassesses expansion

04/23/2013 10:08pm
After heading back to the negotiating table with environmentalists, the biggest company on the Great Salt Lake has agreed to scale down a huge expansion plan.

Students play games they designed instead of taking finals

04/23/2013 10:16pm
Students with the University of Utah Entertainment Arts and Engineering program may look like they're not taking their studies seriously, but they're showing off months of work on a game called Race of the Zodiac.

Man with samurai sword chases off alleged stalker who attacked woman

04/23/2013 10:55pm
A man with a samurai sword, along with several other neighbors, helped chase away an assailant who attacked a woman he had apparently been stalking, according to police.

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