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Michael Jordan didn't have flu — he was poisoned, says former trainer

04/18/2013 8:15am
Michael Jordan's former personal trainer recently suggested the famed NBA star was poisoned, perhaps intentionally, during his stay in Park City for the 1997 Finals.

Nev. busing out mentally ill, some to Utah

04/18/2013 9:26am
In recent years, Nevada has been faced with drastic budget cuts for mental health services, and to counter those cuts they've been busing patients across state lines.

Strangers aided governor's daughter after deadly Boston blasts

04/18/2013 10:02am
Gov. Gary Herbert expressed his gratitude Wednesday to the strangers who came forward to help his daughter in the aftermath of the deadly Boston Marathon blasts.

You're ingesting more plastic than you think; here's what to do about it

04/18/2013 11:57am
By now you know that BPA is bad news and have probably taken steps to avoid it, but do you really know how much plastic you're still consuming? It's more than you think, but there are easy precautions to help you stay safe.

New downtown theater design unveiled

04/18/2013 11:59am
Salt Lake City's new performing arts center was unveiled Wednesday by leaders from Salt Lake City and County as well as the architects who designed the building, which is projected for completion in 2016.

Prairie dogs invade Cedar City; town strikes at feds

04/18/2013 12:35pm
Cedar City residents are fed up over the Utah prairie dog wreaking havoc on their property. They say they are powerless against the assault because the species is protected by the federal government. A group filed a lawsuit Thursday.

6 places to teach your child about family, cultural history

04/18/2013 1:38pm
How can you prepare a child to face challenges? Tell them family stories, suggests some research. For those who want a way to spark conversation or further their knowledge of their family's history or culture, we compiled a list of six places in Utah you could visit to learn about your past.

Nearly 200 Utah employees laid off at L3

04/18/2013 4:55pm
Utah-based defense contractor L3 Communications Systems-West announced Thursday it will lay off 4.2 percent of its workforce, about 190 people, as a response recent budget cuts to the Department of Defense.

South Jordan pulverizes old asphalt for new streets

04/18/2013 5:37pm
After a while, the asphalt on roads starts to break apart. But South Jordan has figured out a way to recycle it and turn it into new roads, all while saving money.

Provo schools among first to use Google Fiber

04/18/2013 6:00pm
Teachers and administrators at Provo City Schools are excited about the possibilities the recently announced Google Fiber could bring to their students. Schools will be among the first organizations to obtain access to the superfast giga-bit network.

Construction of new LDS Provo temple fascinates residents, tourists

04/18/2013 6:40pm
Construction crews continue to work on transforming the old fire ravaged Provo Tabernacle into a new temple for the LDS Church. Another milestone was reached as crews poured concrete for the foundation on Thursday.

Boston, SLC runner uses marathons to overcome tragedy

04/18/2013 7:05pm
Saturday's Salt Lake City Marathon will be the first major marathon to take place since the tragedy in Boston. Like many others, one woman participating in the half marathon that day used running to overcome personal tragedy.

Doctors encourage healthy eating to prevent diabetes

04/18/2013 7:21pm
Diabetes plagued nearly 26 million people in the U.S. in 2012, including many people in Utah. Specialists give several tips on how to reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

Man uses 'Robin Hood' defense in Wyo. bank robbery

04/18/2013 7:53pm
A Utah man accused of robbing a Jackson, Wyo., bank claims he gave the money away to poor people and intends to mount a "Robin Hood" defense when he goes on trial later this month.

Idaho pit bulls found at scene of homicide ready to be adopted

04/18/2013 8:15pm
Some of the pit bulls seized at the scene of a triple homicide outside Malad, Idaho, could be ready for adoption next week.

UDOT gains land to complete Mountain View Corridor after 3-way deal

04/18/2013 8:50pm
UDOT is finally gaining the rights to a piece of land to complete the Mountain View Corridor project after over three decades of bargaining for it. The three-way land deal involved two other state agencies.

Clearfield residents fundraise to save youth trip after church burned

04/18/2013 9:21pm
The blackened vestiges of the burned Clearfield Community Church have been pulled away but the resolve of a congregation and the community that supports it will be on display Saturday at its annual garage sale fundraiser.

1994 discovery of skulls reawakens old murder case, spurs novel

04/18/2013 10:34pm
The discovery of two human skulls opened the door to a Utah mystery stretching over three-quarters of a century. It also turned a Los Angeles lawyer into an author.

West Valley police stay tough on crime as city calls for independent review

04/18/2013 10:53pm
Despite nine narcotics officers on leave amid allegations of corruption, West Valley police say they're still arresting people for drug violations. Meanwhile, the city's manager has called for an independent panel to review all aspects of the case.

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