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Free kidney screenings aim to spot problems early

03/11/2013 8:25am
How healthy are your kidneys? Experts say not enough people know the answer, so they're encouraging Utahns to participate in free screenings this month.

New charges filed against ex-Helper mayor

03/11/2013 9:46am
Helper city's former mayor has been charged with two misdemeanors following his arrest last month for investigation of his third DUI.

Fatal pedestrian accidents up 15% from 2010 to 2011, DPS says

03/11/2013 11:13am
The year 2011 wasn't a good year for Utah's pedestrians; fatal accidents involving a car and a pedestrian accounted for 14 percent of crash-related fatalities, reaching the highest rate since 2002. That's a 15 percent increase.

Comet Pan-STARRS could be visible in coming nights

03/11/2013 11:25am
A rare sight could be shaping up for Utah skies in the next few nights, a comet that might be — just might be — visible with the naked eye.

Vending machines need face lift for Obamacare regulations

03/11/2013 11:29am
Starting in April, vending machines will be required to be transparent with nutrition information and labels, even if the vending machine doesn't currently have the capability.

Man tased, arrested in triple murder investigation; allegedly provided getaway car

03/11/2013 11:36am
A second man wanted in connection with a triple homicide a month ago didn't surrender without putting up a fight Sunday.

Ask a Cop: How do I become a cop?

03/11/2013 11:58am
Officer Anonymous explains how you can get a career in law enforcement and some of his own experiences becoming a police officer. Please send questions to

Pleasant Grove baker wins 'Cupcake Wars'

03/11/2013 12:46pm
Alisha Nuttall's sweet treats earned her a winner's spot among "Cupcake War" contestants Sunday.

Fire at BYU Bean Museum causes minor damage

03/11/2013 2:36pm
A small fire caused minor damage to an under-construction addition to BYU's Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum Monday morning.

Cop impersonator robbery likely connected to October incident

03/11/2013 3:11pm
Police believe a robbery in October is likely connected to a second robbery in Sandy last week.

Utah law program leads country-wide effort to place students; provide legal services

03/11/2013 4:07pm
A recent New York Times article highlighted the efforts of Arizona State University's efforts to start a law practice that would be staffed by students. The model, according to the University of Utah, follows the one they 14 months ago with their University Law Group.

Arrest made in West Valley shooting that left man dead

03/11/2013 4:48pm
Police have arrested a suspect in a Sunday shooting that left one man dead inside a West Valley City home.

Non-discrimination law likely won't be addressed this year in Senate

03/11/2013 5:28pm
A proposed statewide non-discrimination law likely won't be debated on the Senate floor before the gavel comes down on the Utah Legislature late Thursday night.

Ogden police shoot, kill dog during burglary investigation

03/11/2013 6:30pm
Ogden police say a dog was shot dead after it charged at officers during a burglary call.

2 stabbed during early morning fight; police arrest suspect

03/11/2013 6:47pm
Two people were treated at a local hospital after being stabbed during an argument early Saturday morning. Police say one man has been arrested in connection with the incident.

2 arrested for planting razor blade bits in Smith's doughnuts, police say

03/11/2013 7:04pm
Police say a couple who claimed they found razor blade pieces in the doughnuts they purchased, actually placed the razor blades in the pastries themselves before ingesting them.

Police look for man using counterfeit bills to scam businesses

03/11/2013 7:10pm
Police are looking to find a man they say has been counterfeiting $20 bills and using them to scam local businesses into giving him real cash over the last several weeks.

Sequester gets personal for Millcreek family

03/11/2013 7:55pm
Budget cuts to a federal program put a stop to one Utah family's dream of owning their first home.

Groups call for veto of bill allowing concealed carriers to bypass permit process

03/11/2013 8:28pm
Gov. Gary Herbert was asked Monday to veto a bill that would allow concealed weapons to be carried without a permit.

House strikes down tax on e-cigarette and tobacco products

03/11/2013 8:57pm
A bill that would have taxed tobacco products that aren't yet sold in Utah failed 29-44 in the House Monday.

Utah man traveling to every country in the world in record time

03/11/2013 10:35pm
It is the dream of many to see the world, but very few actually get the chance to make it their reality. A Utah man is living that fantasy, and he's inviting anyone willing to come along for the ride.

Parents claim U of U covered up coach's abusive behavior

03/11/2013 11:24pm
Amid allegations of sexual abuse by University of Utah head swim coach Greg Winslow, former athletes and their parents are claiming the university knew of inappropriate behavior for years but failed to do anything to stop it.

Bills to watch as 2013 Legislature winds down

03/11/2013 11:42pm
The countdown is on at the Utah State Legislature: only 74 hours left in the 2013 general session. It promises to be an active three days, with more than 100 bills in play before the 2013 Legislature wraps on Thursday.

Night Baker finds strength, healing in blog readers

03/11/2013 11:45pm
For a Utah woman battling anorexia, sharing her story with the world ultimately helped save her life.

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