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'Forever Strong' inspired change, growth for Utah rugby teams

03/08/2013 7:52am
Rugby has been growing at an incredible rate in the state of Utah. Some rugby organizers say it's becoming so popular, clubs will have to make major changes.

Ethanol in gasoline: What impact on cars, consumers?

03/08/2013 8:01am
It was originally added to help the environment. Today, though, ethanol is one of the most controversial components of gasoline.

Photos show man accused of burglarizing 5 Tooele stores

03/08/2013 8:20am
Police have released surveillance photos of a man they believe burglarized five Tooele stores earlier this month.

Man posing as attorney convicted for stealing $176K from tribe

03/08/2013 8:58am
A BYU law school graduate was convicted Tuesday of stealing thousands of dollars from the Paiute Indian Tribe.

Police dog bites man accused of domestic assault

03/08/2013 9:20am
A man accused of assaulting the mother of his child on a front lawn in Taylorsville fled but was tracked down and bitten by police dog "Vortex."

Man accused in 2 freeway shootings charged in third incident

03/08/2013 9:35am
A man police say was involved in two highway shootings was charged Thursday in connection with another incident, this time near 600 North and 1200 West on Jan. 12.

Midvale man sent to prison for 2011 murder of his 'role model'

03/08/2013 1:04pm
David Brown had an enlarged heart in every sense.

'Good for us, bad for them': Police unexpectedly find 2 fugitives

03/08/2013 1:38pm
Members of the Metro Gang Unit were looking for a fugitive at a motel in Murray early Friday morning when they stumbled upon two wanted gang members.

Legislature: Tougher penalties for underage drinking and child sex trafficking

03/08/2013 2:55pm
Several bills were discussed and passed by the Legislature on Friday ranging from stricter penalties for underage drinking to post-adoption agreements.

Conviction upheld for man involved in 2008 battle ax attack

03/08/2013 4:02pm
The Utah Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of a man sent to prison for a 2008 attack involving a knife and a medieval battle ax.

Lawmakers still divided over accepting federal Medicaid plan

03/08/2013 5:45pm
During the final days of the Legislative session, the discussion of Medicare in Utah has continued to bring divided opinions. On Friday, a bill was proposed to bar the state from accepting federal money.

Man allegedly stunned, tied up by fake cop during home robbery

03/08/2013 6:24pm
Police are investigating a home invasion robbery involving as many as three suspects who allegedly tied up a young man and stunned him with a device.

Study: PTSD affects veterans' spouses, too

03/08/2013 6:26pm
New research out of the University of Utah shows post-traumatic stress disorder isn't just a private war for the veteran, but a battle that can impact a spouse just as intensely.

Gov. plays ball with Lone Peak players

03/08/2013 6:29pm
Gov. Gary R. Herbert and the Utah Legislature welcomed the Lone Peak high school boys basketball team to the Capitol to honor them for a phenomenal season.

$10M bill to fund more medical students at U of U

03/08/2013 7:01pm
The Utah House is considering funding $10 million to enroll more students at the University of Utah Medical School. Administrators hope the money will lead to better health care for Utahns.

Paragliders trying to preserve Point of the Mountain from excavation

03/08/2013 7:47pm
Paraglider pilots who believe the Point of the Mountain provides some of the best air in the world are worried mining on the mountain will clip their wings and keep them from flying.

Proposed truck stop would worsen Cache Valley's air, residents say

03/08/2013 8:08pm
Cache Valley often gets attention for having some of the worst air quality in the nation. Some homeowners there are concerned a new truck stop could add to the problem.

Couple adopts baby with the help of Facebook

03/08/2013 8:29pm
The Hances waited for years to add a child to their family and with the help of friends and strangers on Facebook, they finally did.

Video shows man suspected in 9 burglaries

03/08/2013 9:31pm
Police are searching for a man who they believe is responsible for as many as nine burglaries in the Sugar House area.

Boats to get shortcut to Lake Powell due to low water levels

03/08/2013 10:11pm
The National Park Service is digging a channel to re-open a shortcut for boats that was closed off by the lake's exceptionally low water levels. Over the next few weeks they expect to remove 70,000 cubic yards of rock and dirt from Castle Rock Cut.

Police: Man called police 100 times threatening officers

03/08/2013 10:25pm
A man who made more than 100 calls to 911 in one night threatening officers was arrested Thursday.

Former foster child adopts 15 special needs kids

03/08/2013 10:28pm
A Layton couple with experiences in foster care of their own have adopted 15 children out of the Utah foster care system, all of whom have special needs.

Restaurant raises money for owner battling brain tumor

03/08/2013 10:31pm
A restaurant is opening for possibly the last time in order to raise funds to support the restaurant's owner, who is in the hospital recovering from brain surgery.