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Man forges stolen check from Karl Malone business, police say

03/07/2013 7:34am
A man who police say tried to cash a check on a bank account for Karl Malone Properties has been charged with third-degree felony forgery.

New murder charges filed against man in Cedar City double homicide

03/07/2013 1:23pm
A Cedar City man is facing two counts of aggravated murder in connection with the shooting deaths of two people.

64-year-old man struck by van dies in hospital

03/07/2013 2:15pm
A man died Thursday afternoon, just hours after being struck by a car on 1100 East.

Kids let loose to create 'splash art' at school

03/07/2013 2:33pm
Principal Kevin Pullan used his talent as a garage splash artist to give students got a chance to splatter paint on Wednesday.

Internet state sales tax bill approved by Utah Senate

03/07/2013 3:23pm
Wednesday, the Utah Legislature approved bills that would impose a sales tax on Internet sales, prohibit some lawmakers from performing outside work and require written permission from a parent for minors to get tattoos or piercings.

First LEGO store in Utah announced

03/07/2013 5:06pm
The LEGO Group has announced plans to open Utah's first LEGO store sometime in 2013.

Man paralyzed in snowboarding accident 'hopes to hold his baby' someday

03/07/2013 5:23pm
A father of two with a child on the way is improving after a snowboarding accident at Lake Tahoe last week left him paralyzed from the neck down.

FBI looking for man accused of robbing 5 banks

03/07/2013 6:40pm
The FBI was looking Thursday for a serial bank robber suspected in five robberies in Utah and Idaho.

Standoff ends in arrest; I-70 reopens

03/07/2013 6:43pm
One woman is in custody following a police chase and standoff on I-70 Thursday.

Police arrest 3 in neighborhood shooting

03/07/2013 6:52pm
Salt Lake police have made three arrests in a drive-by shooting that left bullet holes in two vehicles, including a police car.

Since sequester, abuse victims turned away from shelters due to decreased funding

03/07/2013 7:02pm
With the statewide budget cuts made since the sequester, many domestic violence programs are worried about having to decrease the number of people they can help.

Tremonton leaders say no to pig-processing plant

03/07/2013 7:03pm
Leaders in small Tremonton are saying no to a pig-processing plant moving into a vacant La-Z-Boy facility.

Limbless man shares anti-bullying message with Utah students

03/07/2013 7:17pm
Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic was often bullied while growing up. Now he travels the world with a message of hope for all those who are experiencing the same pain.

4 seriously injured in U-111 accident

03/07/2013 7:21pm
A multi-car accident with injuries has been reported on U-111.

Blog helps Conn. family remember they 'will always be together'

03/07/2013 8:05pm
Three months after the Newtown, Conn., shooting, many families have continued to grieve in different ways. The mother of one victim has decided to blog about her healing experience.

Thousands of refugees relocated to Utah after evacuating homelands

03/07/2013 8:30pm
The United States has received an unprecedented influx of refugees fleeing their homelands in the last five years, and hundreds of them have been recently relocated to Utah.

10 ways to save big on your grocery bill (without clipping a single coupon)

03/07/2013 8:47pm
It doesn't take a lot of sacrifice to save money on your grocery bill; a bit of strategy and a little extra legwork can go a long way toward keeping your cash in your pocket.

Statewide non-discrimination bill passes committee vote

03/07/2013 10:40pm
A bill aimed at providing equal housing and employment rights to all Utahns, regardless of sexual orientation, is headed to the House floor. SB262 passed through the Economic and Workforce Services Committee Thursday with a vote of 4-3.

Legal system, insurance leave accident victim struggling to fix car

03/07/2013 10:44pm
A South Salt Lake man caught in the aftermath of a triple homicide in Midvale last month said he's a victim himself, all because the main suspect in the murder crashed into his car.

Sharp, metal object found in doughnut; police investigate

03/07/2013 10:45pm
Police received a call Wednesday from someone who reportedly found a triangular piece of sharp metal in a doughnut purchased at a Smith's grocery store. They are now investigating the incident as a possible assault.

Traffic signals for cyclists go up 9 Salt Lake County intersections

03/07/2013 10:48pm
Most drivers like to hit green lights when they're working their way through traffic, but that's not always so easy for bicyclists who share the road. A new system UDOT is testing in Salt Lake County aims to remedy that.

Winter blend gasoline and air quality: KSL investigates claims

03/07/2013 10:51pm
How bad or good is the gas you use during the winter? Is it dirtier? How does it impact our air? KSL was asked those questions and went in search of answers.

Citizens group asks Lt. Gov. to investigate Swallow

03/07/2013 11:22pm
A citizens group says Attorney General John Swallow should be removed from office for violating state election law, and they're asking the lieutenant governor's office to start an immediate investigation.

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