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Santaquin family host fundraiser to help adopt 5 girls from Ukraine

02/09/2013 9:11am
The Jay and Arin Jones family in Santaquin are working to adopt a group of sisters in Ukraine. They are having a big fundraiser on Feb. 9 in Payson at Peteetneet Academy.

New website allows online public access to property rights records

02/09/2013 9:23am
The Office of Property Rights Ombudsman has launched a new website aimed at helping the public access information.

Nearly 3M lbs of food donated to Utah Food Bank

02/09/2013 9:41am
The Utah Food Bank collected nearly 3 million pounds of food during its annual Holiday Food Drive, thanks to its sponsors and communities throughout the state. The donations of 2,865,697 pounds of food will provide more than 2.2 million meals to Utahns, according to the food bank.

Video captures excitement, joy of opening LDS mission calls

02/09/2013 10:52am
A YouTube video captures the laughter, excitement and tears of more than 80 Olympus High School students as they open their mission calls for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Taylorsville to hold 'shopping cart Iditarod' as fundraiser

02/09/2013 11:45am
Gentlemen, start your … shopping carts?

Power plants responsible for 75 percent of greenhouse gas in Utah

02/09/2013 1:01pm
The nation's power plants continue to be the single largest stationary source of greenhouse gas emissions, according to new information released Tuesday by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Utah company's gravestone app could bring instant genealogy info

02/09/2013 3:05pm
Otter Creek Holdings, a Utah-based technology company that develops genealogy software and websites, announces a new smartphone app that enables users to get instant genealogical information just by snapping a photo of a gravestone.

Statistics don't matter if it's your kid's school

02/09/2013 3:42pm
Your child is two times more likely to be struck by lighting than to be the victim of a school shooting. But if the unthinkable should occur the statistics don't matter. What are the concrete steps parents and schools should take to enhance security.

Man shot in stomach during gun cleaning accident, police say

02/09/2013 4:18pm
A man was shot in the stomach Saturday afternoon in an apparent gun cleaning accident, police said.

Near head-on collision closes SR-89 for an hour

02/09/2013 4:50pm
A near head-on collision on SR-89 closed the highway for an hour Friday night.

Audi A5 has cool features, big price tag

02/09/2013 5:06pm
We borrowed an A5 2.0T (turbo) coupe Quattro (all-wheel drive) tiptronic (automatic) and took it for a test drive.

Snowy Utah highways lead to 3 accidents involving troopers

02/09/2013 5:35pm
A trooper on the job for 14 years has had his patrol car struck twice along the same stretch of I-80 in Tooele County, the most recent collision happening Saturday on the slick, snow-covered interstate.

Financial unit deployed to Afghanistan

02/09/2013 6:21pm
After more than a decade at war, U.S. military deployment ceremonies have become common. Many have become used to seeing the anticipation in the eyes of soldiers, and the tears in the eyes of their spouses.

Teen swimmer won't let heart condition hold her back

02/09/2013 10:26pm
Saturday was a big day for Hailie Gittins. The senior and swimmer at Mountain Crest High School was in the in the High School State Championships at BYU. She's been swimming since she was 10. It's a demanding sport that comes with potential risks, especially for her.

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