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VIDEO: Checking out the 2013 Toyota Camry hybrid

01/13/2013 9:12am
After the track is prepared, your sleek, black borrowed Camry waits to come to life. With the key in your pocket, you can open the door, buckle up, and then fire it up. But, you won't hear a lot of noise because this Camry is a hybrid.

AG Swallow denies allegations of bribery in FTC investigation

01/13/2013 9:24am
Utah Democrats are calling for an independent prosecutor to conduct a probe after allegations against Attorney General John Swallow came to light Friday.

New law proposes employers receive tax credit to hire homeless people

01/13/2013 9:48am
Utah employers who hire a homeless person could receive a corporate or individual income tax credit up to $2,000 under a legislative proposal by a state lawmaker.

VIDEO: Skiers ditched the resorts to hit the foothills powder

01/13/2013 10:14am
With all the snow that has fallen in the valley over the last couple days, some skiers don't bother going to the resorts to ski. They stopped at the foothills, strapped on the skis and enjoyed the powder.

Utah County Attorney Jeffrey Buhman's Guard unit to be deployed

01/13/2013 11:00am
Utah County Attorney Jeffrey Buhman has been notified that his Utah Army National Guard Unit will be deployed in March.

Former Utah man who stopped Calif. shooting says he's no 'hero'

01/13/2013 1:20pm
A California teacher who talked a student with a gun into surrendering does not want to be labeled a hero, according to family in Utah.

Investigation resumes in Texas plane crash that killed three Utah men

01/13/2013 1:58pm
Mike Endo, one of three Utah men who perished the crash of small plane outside Paris, Texas Saturday morning, was remembered Sunday as a loving family man and friend.

You can now pre-order Girl Scout Cookies

01/13/2013 2:46pm
It's that time of the year again. Cadbury Creme Eggs hit the stores in spring, candy corn sells through October and January rolls in with Girl Scout Cookies.

Boyfriend saves woman injured in avalanche

01/13/2013 6:14pm
Elisabeth Malloy is in fair condition at University Hospital after being saved by her boyfriend during an avalanche in Porter Fork Saturday.

Man stabs wife while kids are in home, police say

01/13/2013 6:55pm
A domestic dispute became potentially life threatening Saturday night after a man stabbed his wife in the arm during an argument.

How do ski resorts make all that perfect snow?

01/13/2013 11:03pm
Snowmaking is done at many resorts in Utah and is a very important part of the resort's day-to-day operations. Especially in years where Mother Nature is not as kind, it helps the ski resorts get a jump start for their season.

Tanker hauling gasoline bursts into flames along I-15

01/13/2013 11:59pm
A tanker hauling gasoline exploded Sunday near Scipio, sending flames high into the air along I-15.

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