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Americans escape rough economy by seeking jobs abroad

11/08/2012 7:16am
Throughout the election, jobs and the economy have been the number one issue for most Americans. With 12.3 million people in the United States out of work, many are looking for jobs wherever they can.

Huge price tag comes with candidacy

11/08/2012 7:24am
How much money does it take for political candidates to fly across the country for events or run TV commercials?

Gephardt Gets It: Legitimate charity or scam?

11/08/2012 8:00am
When you see devastation like that from superstorm Sandy, you may want to help. But during many major disasters, scammers come out in full force. Here's how to separate the legitimate help from the thieves.

Suspect enters plea in shooting death of police officer

11/08/2012 8:22am
The man accused of shooting at police officers in Ogden, killing one and injuring five, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Police seize 27 pounds of spice, $230K

11/08/2012 8:54am
The Davis Metro Narcotics Strike Force recently made three arrests, seized 27 pounds of spice and $230,000 in cash, and shut down two spice distribution operations.

Utah hospitals prepared for natural disasters

11/08/2012 10:07am
Tough weather conditions on the East Coast have put some hospitals in worst-case scenarios. So if a natural disaster strikes Utah, how prepared are the hospitals here to keep the most vulnerable safe?

Catholic church honors humanitarians, LDS Church Presidency member

11/08/2012 10:44am
Catholic Community Services of Salt Lake honored President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his wife Harriet Uctdorf Wednesday night.

Man arrested in connection with more than 40 burglaries

11/08/2012 12:24pm
Police have arrested a man wanted for upwards of 40 burglaries throughout the valley.

Parents remember slain daughter in court, recall day she went missing

11/08/2012 2:46pm
Pearlly Wa took the stand Thursday and spoke of her only daughter, killed when the girl was only 7 years old. The girl apparently walked away from her South Salt Lake apartment in March 2008, and was found dead the next day.

3 indicted after $41,000 of checks forged

11/08/2012 3:38pm
Three people allegedly involved in a check forging ring being run from a room at the Grand America Hotel were indicted Thursday in federal court.

Salt Lake County mayor calls for 17.5% property tax increase

11/08/2012 4:03pm
Presenting his final budget to the Salt Lake County Council on Thursday, outgoing mayor Peter Corroon painted a dire picture for county libraries, senior centers and law enforcement and asked the council to support a 17.5 percent property tax increase.

Dixie State College launches online poll about name change

11/08/2012 6:41pm
What's in a name? For supporters of Dixie State College, the college's upcoming name change has sparked a lively debate about the very question.

Enraged motorist confronts cop in unmarked police car

11/08/2012 6:43pm
Susan Poulsen said the man had just gotten out of his car, fists clenched, and appeared to be walking back to her vehicle ready for a fight.

Lakers fan pepper sprays Jazz fan after game

11/08/2012 6:45pm
It hasn't been easy being an L.A. Lakers fan so far this NBA season. But Salt Lake police say one fan's apparent frustration crossed the line.

Sex offender arrested for exposing himself to 5-year-old girl

11/08/2012 6:46pm
A man was arrested Monday after exposing himself to a young girl in South Salt Lake.

3 family members diagnosed with lung cancer; radon suspected

11/08/2012 7:00pm
Three members of one Utah family, all diagnosed with lung cancer. Doctors have never found the cause, but one woman believes the answer could be right under her feet.

'Hiring our Heroes' job fair helps veterans find work

11/08/2012 7:04pm
Many veterans returning from active duty military service have a difficult time trying to find a job. Thursday in Sandy, hundreds of veterans turned out for a job fair, designed especially for them.

State audit raises questions about high school budgeting

11/08/2012 7:50pm
A state audit of how Utah high schools manage their money and donations has found widespread issues of how that money is documented. In some cases, the report says school administrators had no idea about the money coming in through school boosters.

Mechanical leg helps amputees to run and walk again

11/08/2012 8:10pm
A Logan woman is learning to run for the very first time. Earlier this year, friends and family started fundraising to get her a new high-tech leg. Now, she says it's changing her life by helping her do things she's never done before.

AP story points to Huntsman Jr. as secretary of state candidate

11/08/2012 9:18pm
A story published Thursday by the Associated Press named Jon Huntsman Jr. as a possible pick to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, but the former ambassador and governor has stayed tight-lipped about the possibility.

Unhealthy levels of radon gas detected in Draper; residents have no recourse

11/08/2012 10:49pm
Unhealthy levels of radon gas have been detected in a Draper development. A KSL investigation discovered, it's an issue that has seeped through the cracks for nearly 25 years.

Are you winter ready?

11/08/2012 10:51pm
A storm forecasted to roll in early Friday morning is a good reminder for all of us to get winter ready. But how ready are you?

Parents hope sharing personal tragedy will help save lives

11/08/2012 11:19pm
There were a lot of tears at Bingham High School Thursday night as parents and students heard real stories of tragic accidents. It was all part of a new approach to help young drivers understand the deadly potential if they don't buckle up and stay alert while driving.

No vote on Herriman shooting range proposal

11/08/2012 11:48pm
Thursday's Herriman City Council meeting drew a lot of interest as the city discussed building a gun range in the foothills. After hearing from residents on both sides of the issue, the council decided to postpone a vote on the issue.

Utah company blames Pres. Obama for 102 workers laid off

11/08/2012 11:59pm
A Utah coal company owned by a vocal critic of President Barack Obama has laid off 102 miners.