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People needed for study on making streets more livable

07/16/2012 7:43am
The University of Utah is hoping to find more volunteers to help them in a study looking at making streets more livable.

Families escape apartment fire

07/16/2012 7:54am
Several families were forced out of their homes overnight after an apartment fire in Midvale.

Seven Peaks acquires water park in Indiana

07/16/2012 8:21am
Seven Peaks has acquired Splash Down Dunes Water Park in Porter, Ind. and will be renaming it Seven Peaks Waterpark Porter.

Containment expected on 2 more fires today

07/16/2012 8:51am
Crews say the 4,300-acre Rhyolite Fire in western Box Elder County and the more than 700-acre Flood Canyon Fire in Tooele County will be 100 percent contained by the end of the day.

London Olympics set new precedent for 'strange'

07/16/2012 10:16am
Things just keep getting stranger as the countdown to the 2012 Summer Olympics nears its end.

VIDEO: 'Bugs' invade car show

07/16/2012 11:52am
It's the car show that features only one brand of car: the Volkswagen. It's a casual environment, one where you can see new, custom VWs, and old ones in all states of repair.

Man shot following domestic dispute

07/16/2012 12:45pm
A verbal argument turned violent Sunday leaving one man shot and another under arrest for investigation of attempted homicide.

Residents face aftermath of flooding in St. George

07/16/2012 12:50pm
Residents in St. George are cleaning up mud and debris after a downpour caused flooding on the city's west side. City officials say approximately 100 homes and businesses were impacted by the storm in addition to several roads.

Helicopter crashes in Woods Cross

07/16/2012 3:22pm
A helicopter crashed in Woods Cross during a training exercise Monday morning.

N. Ireland Catholics, Protestants look to break down barriers

07/16/2012 5:31pm
Visiting from Northern Ireland, a group of young people are forming friendships in Utah they hope will break down barriers back home.

Local happenings include the largest Zumba class in Utah and 'Doggie Olympics'

07/16/2012 5:57pm
One-time Zumba class to be largest in Utah. Fiona Apple returns with new album. The "Doggie Olympics" come to Utah.

Wreckage of plane found near Richfield; 2 presumed dead

07/16/2012 6:17pm
The wreckage of a plane believed to have been carrying a couple from Northern California to Aspen, Colo., is being recovered in Sevier County.

Couple faces man accused of sexually abusing their children

07/16/2012 6:57pm
A couple from Sanpete County is speaking out against a man they formery trusted, but who has now been charged with sexually abusing their children.

Echo Dam gets a seismic facelift to prevent failure

07/16/2012 7:01pm
A seismic overhaul of an aging dam is the largest federal project of its kind ever embraced in Utah, representing a four-year, $50 million effort.

Cooke promises decrease in classroom size, funding increase

07/16/2012 7:49pm
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke promised Monday to decrease classroom sizes and increase funding for public education by making it a budget priority.

Stephen Covey passes away at 79

07/16/2012 8:05pm
Popular author Stephen R. Covey, who gained fame with the bestselling book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," died early Monday.

Blind piano prodigy Kuha'o Case tours Utah

07/16/2012 8:29pm
It takes a lot of time, practice and patience to master the piano. A blind teenager says it only took him three years.

Man's obituary confesses to unearned Ph.D, other shenanigans

07/16/2012 8:52pm
Funny, brilliant, touching — with a hint of rebellion, and even some sarcasm, Val Patterson's obituary reflects the qualities of what his life was: an experience. And now, even though he has passed away, we still have the opportunity to live vicariously through his wild ride.

Utahns with connection to Olympics side with Romney on Bain debate

07/16/2012 9:30pm
Mitt Romney and Salt Lake City's Olympics are back in the spotlight with questions rising over Romney's ongoing ties with the firm Bain Capital after he'd left to run Utah's organizing effort. But those who worked with Romney organizing the Olympic Games are standing behind him.

Summer storms bring some relief, leave behind mess

07/16/2012 9:59pm
For many, the powerful rain storms that swept through Utah Monday were a welcome relief. But for others, all that water left a muddy mess.

Impaled driver cheats death 3 times, ready to move on with life

07/16/2012 10:12pm
A Cedar City man amazed his doctors when he dodged death after a bizarre car crash. Turns out, he's cheated death three times, and is now recovering from his last round of plastic surgery.

Warehouse consumed by fire in Ogden

07/16/2012 10:36pm
A warehouse that stored, among other items, tanks filled with natural gas, was destroyed in an explosive fire Monday.

VIDEO: Days of 47 float preview

07/16/2012 10:49pm
The Days of 47 Parade is an event all about tradition. So it's only natural Utahns have come to expect certain features year after year. But this year, float decorators put a new spin on those old ideas.

Microsoft wins prolonged legal battle with Utah-based Novell

07/16/2012 11:00pm
A federal judge Monday ended a prolonged, multibillion-dollar legal battle between computer giant Microsoft Corp. and one-time rival Novell Inc.

Teen facing tragedies head-on, hoping to help others

07/16/2012 11:27pm
Dakota Nash has endured challenges that would seem overwhelming if stretched over a lifetime. But at age 17, he's faced every difficult twist of fate in his young life with great courage, hope and heart.