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5 ideas to make camping cheaper

06/11/2014 1:29pm
Summer brings a host of fun, outdoors activities. Camping is one hobby that many Utahns look forward to and spend months planning and preparing for. However, camping can often be expensive with the necessary gear and camping spot fees. Here are some

WVC cultural center invaded by messy guests

06/11/2014 7:21pm
Cliff or "mud" swallows have decided to build a new colony at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City. They're making quite a mess.

Dressing appropriately for travel abroad

06/11/2014 9:10pm
A new campaign in Qatar asks tourists to adhere to cultural standards of dress, but travelers everywhere should be mindful of their attire.

Lake 'surfing' comes to Utah as company purchases new invention

06/11/2014 10:12pm
A new invention from French Jet Ski racer Frank Zapata comes to Utah. The Hoverboard, as it is called, uses Jet Ski exhaust to help riders 'surf' over a lake.

Accidents, complaints prompt possible restrictions at Corona Arch

06/11/2014 11:04pm
Moab's Corona Arch has been dubbed by many as the "World's Largest Rope Swing." Slacklining, highlining, rope swinging and rappelling are allowed on the arch, but two recent accidents have prompted discussion on possible restrictions.