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Republicans blame Obama for stalling immigration

02/03/2014 1:27am
Republicans are starting to lay the blame on President Barack Obama if an overhaul of the nation's broken immigration system fails to become law.

5 things to know about the massive farm bill

02/03/2014 4:36pm
Cuts to food stamps, continued subsidies to farmers and victories for animal rights advocates. The massive, five-year farm bill heading toward final passage this week has broad implications for just about every American, from the foods we eat to what we pay for them.

Lawmakers seek in-state tuition rates for veterans

02/03/2014 5:31pm
The House overwhelmingly passed legislation Monday that would require public universities around the country to charge veterans in-state tuition rates or face financial penalty.

Gay rights activists arrested in Idaho Senate

02/03/2014 7:25pm
Police arrested dozens of gay rights activists Monday after a protest that blocked entrances to the Idaho Senate chambers for more than two hours.