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SPIN METER: What's behind all the budget bombast?

09/28/2013 10:04am
Even for a town accustomed to hyperbole, the political sparring over spending, borrowing and health care has produced more than its share of over-the-top rhetoric.

House bill delays 'Obamacare' 1 year, pays troops

09/28/2013 11:04am
The Associated Press has learned that House Republicans will unveil a new bill for preventing a government shutdown on Tuesday that would also delay implementing the rest of President Barack Obama's health care law for one year.

Some skip conservative conference, cite DC work

09/28/2013 1:26pm
Republicans' divisions over the best tactics to use in Washington were apparent Saturday as more than a thousand conservatives gathered in the Midwest for a day-long pep rally with politicians and activists.

Congress voted before to repeal medical device tax

09/28/2013 1:48pm
Lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol already have overwhelmingly rejected the medical device tax that House Republicans insist on repealing as a condition for keeping the government open. It's just that those earlier votes didn't count.

House OKs bill aimed at improving drug safety

09/28/2013 2:03pm
The House easily approved bipartisan legislation Saturday aimed at improving the safety of drugs produced by compounding pharmacies that mix customized pharmaceuticals.

House votes to avoid shutdown, delay Obamacare

09/28/2013 10:21pm
The Republican-run House has voted to avoid a partial government shutdown next week but also delay President Barack Obama's health care law.

Shutdown nearing, GOP seeks health care delay

09/28/2013 10:37pm
Locked in a deepening struggle with President Barack Obama, the Republican-controlled House approved legislation early Sunday imposing a one-year delay in key parts of the nation's health care law and repealing a tax on medical devices as the price for avoiding a partial government shutdown in a few days' time.