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Cruz, Lee plan on `Obamacare' unnerves some in GOP

09/21/2013 7:33am
Ted Cruz and Mike Lee stand as the Senate's dynamic duo for conservatives, crusading against President Barack Obama's health care law while infuriating many congressional Republicans with a tactic they consider futile, self-serving and detrimental to the party's political hopes in 2014.

Food stamps again a vivid symbol in poverty debate

09/21/2013 2:05pm
Food stamps have figured in Americans' ideas about the poor for decades, from President Lyndon Johnson's vision of a Great Society to President Ronald Reagan's scorn for crooked "welfare queens" and President Bill Clinton's pledge to "end welfare as we know it."

Paul: We probably can't get rid of 'Obamacare'

09/21/2013 7:56pm
Republican Sen. Rand Paul says President Barack Obama's health care law probably can't be defeated or gotten rid of. And he's suggesting there are few ways and little time for him and other congressional Republicans to stop it.

Health law separates potential GOP 2016 contenders

09/21/2013 8:13pm
A clear divide over the health care law separates the emerging field of potential GOP candidates for the 2016 presidential race, previewing the battles ahead as they try to rebuild their party and seize the White House.