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Military chiefs called to task on spending issues

09/18/2013 9:47am
The head of the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday told the nation's top military brass that their credibility "is on the line" if they don't give greater details about how budget cuts will affect national security.

House conservatives back 'Obamacare' alternative

09/18/2013 2:11pm
A large group of House conservatives unveiled legislation Wednesday providing expanded tax breaks for consumers who purchase their own insurance and increasing the government funding for high-risk pools, the Republicans' first comprehensive alternative to President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

Paul, other senators push for sentencing overhaul

09/18/2013 2:23pm
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday implored Senate colleagues to support a sweeping overhaul of federal sentencing guidelines, saying they disproportionately affect minorities and are reminiscent of Jim Crow laws.

IRS targeted tea party after granting tax status

09/18/2013 4:57pm
The Internal Revenue Service continued to target conservative political groups even after approving their applications for tax-exempt status, a key Republican lawmaker said Wednesday.

House approves bill to speed mining on US land

09/18/2013 5:29pm
Republicans in the House pushed through a bill Wednesday to speed up government review of gold, copper, silver and uranium mining on federal land.