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Rubio is talking less about immigration these days

08/20/2013 10:31am
On a recent swing through the most conservative parts of his state, Sen. Marco Rubio told a packed banquet hall at the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club that major policy issues were threatening the American dream: onerous taxes, burdensome regulations _ and, above all, President Barack Obama's health care law.

Senate aide: US military aid to Egypt has stopped

08/20/2013 11:30am
The United States has halted military aid to Egypt, a Senate aide said Tuesday, describing what would be a rebuke of the once stalwart U.S. ally's crackdown on Islamist opponents and the military ouster of its president. Obama administration officials immediately rejected the claim.

White House Cabinet-level meeting set on Egypt aid

08/20/2013 12:07pm
The White House will hold a Cabinet-level meeting to discuss cutting some of America's $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt.

Sen. Cruz says he'll renounce Canadian citizenship

08/20/2013 1:54pm
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has released his birth certificate showing he was born in Canada but says he will renounce citizenship from that country.