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IG finds states' child care requirements too lax

11/05/2013 1:38am
Parents with children in day care often assume workers have cleared background checks and the facility has passed unannounced inspections, but a review released Tuesday finds many states don't have such requirements.

Report: Wildlife refuges create $2B for economy

11/05/2013 11:07am
Bird watching, hunting or just picnicking. Whatever the reason, visits to the nation's 561 wildlife refuges are big business.

Families encourage overhaul of pilot training

11/05/2013 2:53pm
Prodded by the families of people killed in a regional airline crash, federal officials issued an extensive overhaul of training requirements for pilots Tuesday.

Holder looks for answers on overcrowded prisons

11/05/2013 4:03pm
The nation's top law enforcement officer got a glimpse of the challenges facing ex-offenders attempting to rebuild their lives on Tuesday as he attended an unusual court session and then met with several of them afterward.