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Fed bolsters view that US will drive global growth

09/19/2013 12:57am
The Federal Reserve's decision to keep up its stimulus program bolstered the view that a strengthening U.S. economy will drive world growth forward in the coming months.

Holder expands changes in drug-case policy

09/19/2013 3:26pm
The Justice Department is expanding a major change in federal drug sentencing policy to cover pending drug cases, Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday.

US urges China to play constructive role on Syria

09/19/2013 4:11pm
Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged Thursday a sharp disagreement with China over how the international community should respond to the use of chemical weapons in Syria and urged Beijing to play a "positive" role in the U.N. Security Council on the issue.

Obama takes on coal with first-ever carbon limits

09/19/2013 9:26pm
The Obama administration will press ahead Friday with tough requirements for new coal-fired power plants, moving to impose for the first time strict limits on the pollution blamed for global warming.