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Obama: Iran 'year or more' from getting bomb

10/06/2013 2:40am
President Barack Obama says U.S. intelligence agencies believe Iran is still "a year or more" away from producing a nuclear weapon, an assessment he acknowledged was at odds with Israel.

Summary of Obama interview with Associated Press

10/06/2013 2:41am
Highlights of an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama by The Associated Press. The president spoke about the shaky start of enrollment under the health care overhaul, the government shutdown, the threat of a U.S. default, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and other topics.

Text of Obama's exclusive interview with the AP

10/06/2013 2:43am
President Barack Obama conducted an interview Friday with AP White House Correspondent Julie Pace that covered a wide range of topics _ the government shutdown, the debt ceiling, health care, foreign affairs and the name of Washington's professional football team.