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US says 14 more nations join statement on Syria

09/09/2013 10:45am
The White House says 14 more nations have signed on to a statement blaming Syrian President Bashar Assad's government for a chemical weapons attack and calling for a strong international response.

Obama adviser: Strikes at Syria 'not another war'

09/09/2013 11:20am
White House national security adviser Susan Rice says any U.S. military action against Syria "would not be another war."

Obama aide: Intent is to get Congress' OK on Syria

09/09/2013 12:00pm
A top national security aide to President Barack Obama says he "didn't speak very artfully" when he suggested Obama wouldn't order a strike in Syria without approval from Congress.

Obama to hold Syria meeting with GOP senators

09/09/2013 2:16pm
President Barack Obama will meet with Republican senators on Capitol Hill Tuesday to appeal for support on a use-of-force resolution against Syria.

Clinton endorses Obama effort to punish Syria

09/09/2013 2:29pm
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton endorsed President Barack Obama's attempt to win congressional approval of a military strike in Syria, saying Monday that any move by the Assad regime to surrender its weapons to international control would be an "important step." But Clinton cautioned that the removal of its chemical weapons stockpile should not be an "excuse for delay and obstruction" by Syria.

Obama on Syria vote: 'Wouldn't say I'm confident'

09/09/2013 4:02pm
President Barack Obama is voicing some pessimism about the prospect of Congress approving a use-of-force resolution on Syria, saying, quote: "I wouldn't say I'm confident" about the measure passing.

Obama sees potential breakthrough in weapons idea

09/09/2013 4:03pm
President Barack Obama says a proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control to avoid U.S. military strikes could be a potential breakthrough.

Obama, Putin talked about securing Syria chem arms

09/09/2013 4:26pm
President Barack Obama says he spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin (POO'-tihn) about a potential plan for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons to international control.

Obama: I might lose congressional vote on Syria

09/09/2013 6:15pm
Battling stiff resistance in Congress, President Barack Obama conceded Monday night he might lose his fight for congressional support of a military strike against Syria, and declined to say what he would do if lawmakers reject his call to back retaliation for a chemical weapons attack last month.

Obama, Canadian PM discuss Syria chemical weapons

09/09/2013 6:16pm
The White House says President Barack Obama has spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper about chemical weapons use in Syria.

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