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SPIN METER: Obama on use of US military might

09/05/2013 9:56am
As a candidate focused on his own election, Barack Obama championed restraint and global cooperation when faced with security threats.

White House proposes new rules on employer mandate

09/05/2013 3:22pm
The Obama administration on Thursday released new proposals for carrying out a major requirement of the federal health care law that was postponed earlier this summer.

Clinton to attend wildlife event at White House

09/05/2013 3:33pm
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is planning to return to the White House for an event on wildlife trafficking.

US: Chemical attacks make Syria top security risk

09/05/2013 4:49pm
For the first time in more than two years of a bloody civil war, President Barack Obama has declared Syria a national security threat that must be answered with a military strike _ and in doing so he is warning Americans as much about the leaders of Iran and North Korea as about Bashar Assad.

Obama seeks world leaders' support to strike Syria

09/05/2013 5:41pm
President Barack Obama pressed fellow world leaders on Thursday to support a U.S.-led strike on Syria, but he ran into opposition from Russia, China and even the European Union _ which condemned the deadly recent chemical weapons attack in Bashar Assad's country but declared it too soon for military action.