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Legacy of Nixon tapes: Skepticism, distrust endure

08/22/2013 1:10am
It's a good thing Richard Nixon was such a klutz.

White House: 2011 revolt still fresh for Egyptians

08/22/2013 8:51am
The White House says Egypt's 2011 revolution is "still fresh" in the minds of the country's people and that they have shown little desire to return to the regime of its former longtime ruler.

They said it: Verbatim from the Nixon tapes

08/22/2013 9:02am
The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, Calif., has made public audiotapes of the last 340 hours of more than 3,700 hours of phone calls and private meetings captured on a recording system President Richard Nixon used in his executive offices. Some highlights from the Nixon tapes released over the decades:

Egypt military supporters rally at White House

08/22/2013 11:55am
About 500 protesters supporting Egypt's military are marching outside the White House.

Obama visits 'Women's Rights' park during bus tour

08/22/2013 2:20pm
President Barack Obama is observing Women's Equality Day a few days early.

Obama phones woman credited with stopping gunman

08/22/2013 7:06pm
President Barack Obama has phoned a Georgia woman credited with helping prevent a school shooting to thank her for her actions.