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Greek olives face squeeze in efficiency drive

02/24/2014 6:28am
In the olive groves around Ancient Olympia, sanctuary of the Greek gods, the trees were once considered sacred, and in many ways they still are.

Scania owners hesitant about VW's $9.2 billion bid

02/24/2014 6:54am
Minority shareholders of Swedish truck maker Scania say they are hesitant about Volkswagen's 6.7 billion-euro ($9.2 billion) offer to take over the rest of the company.

Police dismiss Norwegian mass killer's complaints

02/24/2014 8:09am
Police in Norway say they have rejected a complaint by convicted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik about poor prison conditions.

Yanukovych crosses Ukraine, looking for refuge

02/24/2014 8:47am
With his allies deserting him and his once-firm presidential power disintegrating, Viktor Yanukovych has fled Ukraine's capital by car and aircraft, heading for the parts of the country where he is most likely to find friends, according to the acting head of the police.

Greek bus driver fined for banning Africans

02/24/2014 9:14am
A bus driver who prevented two Africans from boarding his vehicle in Greece's second largest city has been convicted of racism, fined 1,000 euros ($1,400) and given a suspended prison sentence.

Moscow court sends 7 to prison for protest rally

02/24/2014 11:56am
A Russian court on Monday handed down prison sentences of up to four years to seven anti-Putin protesters, including a 22-year-old student who investigators said threw an "unidentified yellow object of spherical shape" at a line of riot police. He insisted it was just a lemon.

Greek Jewish community seeks return of Nazi ransom

02/24/2014 1:16pm
Greece's biggest Jewish community said Monday it has taken Germany to Europe's top human rights court, seeking the return of a huge ransom paid to Nazi occupiers more than 70 years ago to free thousands of slave laborers _ who were still sent subsequently to German death camps.

Convictions of 5 Italians thrown out in CIA case

02/24/2014 1:28pm
Italy's top criminal court on Monday tossed out the convictions of five Italian intelligence agents accused of kidnapping an Egyptian cleric as a terror suspect 11 years ago as part of the CIA's extraordinary rendition program.

Greek prison hospital inmates on hunger strike

02/24/2014 1:48pm
Inmates of Greece's only prison hospital said Monday they were on hunger strike and were refusing medication to protest severely overcrowded conditions they say are leading to the spread of disease.

Italy's new premier wins crucial confidence vote

02/24/2014 5:22pm
Italian Premier Matteo Renzi won a crucial confidence vote in Parliament on his brand new government early Tuesday, managing at least for now to tamp down anger from among his own Democrats over his brash, quick rise to power.