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Spanish police arrest man wanted by US for fraud

01/18/2014 5:30am
Officials say Spanish police have arrested a fugitive wanted by U.S. authorities for a multimillion dollar cellphone fraud.

Czech conservatives elect new leader

01/18/2014 6:53am
A conservative Czech party that once dominated national politics has elected a former university rector as its new chairman as it tries to recover from a corruption scandal.

Russia's ban on adoptions by Americans holds firm

01/18/2014 11:25am
A year after Russia imposed a ban on adoptions by Americans, some affected U.S. families are reluctantly looking elsewhere to adopt. Others refuse to abandon flickering hopes of uniting with the Russian children who won their hearts.

Obama tells Germans spying won't damage ties

01/18/2014 5:48pm
President Barack Obama told German television in an interview aired Saturday that he would not allow America's massive communications surveillance capability to damage relations with Germany and other close U.S. allies.