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Northern Ireland talks end without deal

12/31/2013 3:31am
All-night talks have failed to produce an accord in Northern Ireland on key issues including the use of flags and parades which are causes of continuing disputes between Protestants and Catholics.

Putin triumphs in 2013 yet tough challenges loom

12/31/2013 6:18am
Displaying the killer instincts of a chess grandmaster, Vladimir Putin rang out 2013 with an exceptional list of accomplishments.

Envelope explodes when opened in Naples office

12/31/2013 7:14am
An envelope addressed to an Interior Ministry official in Naples has exploded while being opened, slightly injuring a secretary in the prefect's office.

Eurozone: 18 members, and now what?

12/31/2013 8:50am
The euro currency union, which just 18 months ago appeared on the verge of collapse, is welcoming a new member. But while officials will hail that as more proof that the bloc is here to stay, the economy still faces a list of economic ills _ sluggish growth, high unemployment and growing inequality.

Apple: We had no role in NSA's alleged iPhone hack

12/31/2013 10:29am
Apple Inc. says it played no role in the National Security Agency's alleged efforts to hack the iPhone, explaining that it was unaware of a recently revealed program apparently aimed at turning the best-selling smartphone into an improvised listening device.

Putin breaks tradition, gives 2 New Year's talks

12/31/2013 1:51pm
Vladimir Putin has added a twist to the stolid ritual of Russian presidential New Year's Eve address by doing two versions this year.

Latvia becomes 18th country to adopt the euro

12/31/2013 4:10pm
Latvia celebrated the new year as the 18th member of the eurozone, which for all its dents and bruises still represents stability and security to the Baltic country's leaders.

Thousands sing national anthem at Kiev's Maidan

12/31/2013 4:40pm
At least 100,000 Ukrainians sang the country's national anthem together at Kiev's main square on New Year's Eve in a sign of support for integration with Europe.