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Massive jade boulder found in Myanmar

02/21/2014 12:26am
An enormous jade boulder that could weigh up to 50 tons has been found half buried in restive northern Myanmar, and the government has sent troops to protect it, a state minister said Friday.

NZ woman arrested after drugs found in Indonesia

02/21/2014 12:35am
Indonesian authorities arrested a New Zealand woman for allegedly possessing illegal drugs in a raid on Indonesia's resort island of Bali, police and a lawyer said Friday.

China's vice crackdown tackles entrenched industry

02/21/2014 1:47am
China's booming sex industry may finally be entering a winter after decades of robust growth, as Beijing wages a harsher-than-usual clampdown on vice.

Bhutan, Nissan partner on electric cars

02/21/2014 4:13am
The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has tapped Nissan Motor Co. to supply electric cars for its taxis and government fleet, hoping to reduce reliance on imported oil.

2 Filipino sisters escape from extremists with cat

02/21/2014 5:05am
Two Algerian-born Filipino sisters kidnapped by Muslim extremists eight months ago escaped from their captors in the jungles of the southern Philippines with a cat that had given them company during their ordeal.

China and US establish dialogue between armies

02/21/2014 5:34am
China and the United States moved Friday to establish regular dialogue between their armies as part of efforts to build trust and understanding amid rising regional tensions.

AP PHOTOS: Life of a trained monkey in Pakistan

02/21/2014 6:21am
Performing monkeys are a common feature of life in many Pakistani cities where they can be seen doing tricks and entertaining people while dressed up in sparkly outfits and clothes.