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Global watchdog says Indian cars fail safety test

01/31/2014 1:34am
Several of India's most popular car models, including the famously small Tata Nano, crumpled in independent crash tests in ways that would likely lead to fatality or serious injury, a global car safety watchdog said Friday.

AP EXCLUSIVE: Inside Pakistani anti-bomb school

01/31/2014 5:35am
Militants in Pakistan have found clever ways to hide homemade bombs. They've been strapped to children's bicycles, hidden inside water jugs and even hung in tree branches. But the most shocking place that Brig. Basim Saeed has heard of such a device being planted was inside a hollowed-out book made to look like a Quran, Islam's holy book.

Questions, answers about futile polls in Thailand

01/31/2014 7:48am
Thailand's general election is on Sunday, but the main opposition Democrat Party is boycotting it and protesters are seeking to scuttle the vote by blocking access to polling stations in Bangkok and several other places. Even though the election is expected to proceed smoothly in most of the country, it is unlikely to result in the formation of a new government.

US aviation agency downgrades Indian safety rating

01/31/2014 8:03am
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has downgraded India's air safety rating over concerns about pilot training and other issues, the agency said Friday.

Former Thai civil servant found unusually rich

01/31/2014 8:07am
A Thai court on Friday ordered more than $1.4 million in assets seized from a former top civil servant whose wealth was revealed when burglars robbed his house.

Feds: Indian diplomat not immune from NY charges

01/31/2014 10:14pm
Federal prosecutors say an Indian diplomat who was strip-searched when arrested on charges she fraudulently obtained a work visa for her housekeeper and lied about the housekeeper's pay isn't covered by diplomatic immunity.