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Uncertainties abound in Fukushima decommissioning

11/19/2013 4:04am
It's costly, risky and dependent on technologies that have yet to be fully developed. A decades-long journey filled with unknowns lies ahead for Japan, which took a small step this week toward decommissioning its crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Thailand extradites drug ring suspects to US

11/19/2013 4:04am
Five men wanted for allegedly conspiring to smuggle cocaine as part of an international criminal network were extradited from Thailand to the United States on Tuesday, officials said.

China: Birth limits still needed despite easing

11/19/2013 6:39am
China has no intention of abandoning family planning controls soon despite announcing it would ease the one-child policy, a government spokesman said Tuesday, adding that the policy could be loosened further in the future.

Bangladesh police clash with garment workers

11/19/2013 8:36am
Police said they fired rubber bullets and tear gas Tuesday to disperse thousands of garment workers who rampaged through industrial towns in Bangladesh to protest the killing of two factory workers during a demonstration for higher wages.

Signs of life amid misery reveal Filipinos' spirit

11/19/2013 8:14pm
They found the hoop in the ruins of their obliterated neighborhood. They propped up the backboard with broken wood beams and rusty nails scavenged from vast mounds of storm-blasted homes.