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Canada PM to boycott Sri Lanka Commonwealth summit

10/08/2013 3:42am
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will skip a Commonwealth summit next month in Sri Lanka to protest that government's human rights record.

APEC evicts HK journalists who heckled Aquino

10/08/2013 4:02am
A journalist association is protesting the expulsion of Hong Kong reporters from a regional summit, saying they were treated like a serious security threat after they shouted questions at Philippine President Benigno Aquino III.

Chinese village cadre fired after son's wedding

10/08/2013 4:03am
A Chinese village Communist Party official was fired Tuesday after reports of his son's three-day, $260,000 wedding emerged, state media reported.

Hong Kong Disneyland plans Iron Man expansion

10/08/2013 4:10am
Hong Kong Disneyland is adding an Iron Man-themed area in the hopes that the Marvel superhero's success at the Chinese box office will help draw more visitors to the underachieving resort.

Disputes cloud Asia-Pacific summit focus on trade

10/08/2013 4:46am
Asia-Pacific leaders vowed Tuesday to cooperate on stabilizing a global economic recovery threatened by resource scarcity and bottlenecks to growth.

Kerry meets briefly with Russian, Chinese leaders

10/08/2013 4:56am
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has met briefly with the leaders of Russia and China to discuss the situation in Syria and other world hotspots.

Indian army calls off search for rebels in Kashmir

10/08/2013 6:22am
The Indian military called off a search Tuesday for suspected rebels along the disputed border with Pakistan, after two weeks of battles in the Himalayan region of Kashmir.

Reports: Chinese police fire at Tibetan protesters

10/08/2013 7:55am
An overseas Tibetan rights group said Tuesday that about 60 people were injured when Chinese security forces fired into a crowd of Tibetan residents who were demanding the release of a fellow villager detained for protesting orders to display the national flag.

Floods breach Thai industrial park; factories open

10/08/2013 9:05pm
Thai authorities said floodwaters were threatening a large industrial estate southeast of Bangkok, although factories there were still operating normally.

Vietnam seizes 2 tons of smuggled elephant tusks

10/08/2013 10:10pm
Authorities in Vietnam have seized nearly 2 tons of elephant tusks illegally imported from Malaysia, state media reported Wednesday.

World cheers Malala, but Pakistanis ambivalent

10/08/2013 11:43pm
One year after a Taliban bullet tried to silence Malala Yousufzai's demand for girls' education, she has published a book and is a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize. But the militants threaten to kill her should she dare return home to Pakistan, and the principal at her old school says that as Malala's fame has grown, so has fear in her classrooms.

Kerry presses China, neighbors on maritime issues

10/08/2013 11:48pm
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Brunei for meetings with top officials from China and its smaller Southeast Asian neighbors, in which he will urge all countries to cool tensions over territorial disputes in the South China Sea.