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East Timor bans martial arts clubs amid killings

09/23/2013 3:56am
East Timor police say there will be zero tolerance against those who continue to practice a local martial art after the government banned all clubs following deadly gang violence, an official said Monday.

China criticizes Japan for military radar plans

09/23/2013 4:07am
China criticized Japan on Monday for its plans to install a cutting-edge U.S. military radar system to monitor North Korean missile launches, saying that could impact regional stability and upset the strategic balance.

Violence continues over pay hikes in Bangladesh

09/23/2013 4:52am
Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas Monday in the third day of clashes with thousands of garment workers demanding better minimum wages amid escalating tension over the country's main export business.

US experts: NKorea can likely build key nuke parts

09/23/2013 10:29pm
North Korean scientists are able to build crucial equipment for uranium-based nuclear bombs on their own, cutting the need for imports that had been one of the few ways outsiders could monitor the country's secretive atomic work, according to evidence gathered by two American experts.