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China welcomes US-Russia deal on Syria

09/15/2013 2:54am
China on Sunday welcomed a Russia-U.S. agreement on securing and destroying Syria's chemical weapons, saying it was a peaceful solution to the stockpile issue that could ease the tense situation in the war-torn country.

24 Afghans die as tunnel collapses in coal mine

09/15/2013 3:53am
A tunnel collapsed in a coal mine in Afghanistan's north, killing at least 24 workers and leaving three others missing, officials said Sunday. Some 14 area residents trying to aid in the rescue were overcome by fumes and had to get treatment.

India retests missile able to reach Chinese cities

09/15/2013 5:45am
India on Sunday successfully test-fired for the second time a nuclear-capable missile that can strike the major Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai, officials said.

Passengers start leaving detained Chinese ship

09/15/2013 6:49am
Passengers on Sunday began leaving a Chinese luxury cruise liner that has been stuck in South Korea for the past two days because of a legal dispute.

Potential candidates for the Afghan presidency

09/15/2013 11:22pm
Would-be candidates for the presidency of Afghanistan have through Oct. 6 to formally declare their intentions, and it's anyone's guess who will end up running and who will win. Afghan politics are largely about patronage and being on the winning team, so many potential candidates may wait to submit their names toward the end of the registration period, once they have a better sense of who else is running.