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Thai Airways inspects Airbus A330 fleet

09/13/2013 2:00am
Thai Airways said Friday it will inspect its entire Airbus A330 fleet after this week's accident involving a model that Europe's air safety authority had warned years ago has a defective part in its landing gear.

Putin hails Syria's action on chemical weapons ban

09/13/2013 2:22am
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Syria's move to join an international convention banning chemical weapons has proven its good faith and reaffirmed a strong warning to the U.S. not to use force.

4 men given death sentences in India gang rape

09/13/2013 3:09am
An Indian court has sentenced to death the four men convicted in the December gang rape and murder of a young New Delhi woman, ordering them to the gallows for a brutal attack on a moving bus that left the young woman with such severe internal injuries that she died two weeks later.

Beijing's next anti-graft target? Mooncakes

09/13/2013 3:39am
Mooncakes _ the hockey-puck-sized pastries Chinese give each other every year for the mid-autumn festival _ were always more about tradition than delicacy: Some people don't even like them. But in recent years, as corruption eroded confidence in government, the unscrupulous made the dense, calorific cakes even sweeter.

A look at capital punishment in India

09/13/2013 4:15am
Four Indian men were sentenced to death Friday for gang-raping and murdering a young woman late last year. The men, including a part-time bus driver, were joy-riding through New Delhi on a bus on the night of Dec. 16 when they lured the 23-year-old woman and her male friend into boarding. They then beat the friend, took turns raping the woman and violated her with an iron rod. She died two weeks later of internal injuries.

Tattoo ban at bathhouses raises concern in Japan

09/13/2013 5:20am
With the Olympics headed to Tokyo, Japanese government officials are raising concern after a New Zealand woman with a traditional Maori tattoo was recently denied entry to a bathhouse.

Beijing rejects full democracy for next HK leader

09/13/2013 5:59am
Beijing's top official in Hong Kong has rejected letting the public nominate candidates to run for leader, in the strongest sign yet from China that it won't allow the former British colony to freely choose its next leader.

Police say explosives found in Cambodia's capital

09/13/2013 6:26am
Police in Cambodia's capital said they have found explosive devices near a park where the opposition plans to hold a rally Sunday to protest recent election results.

Bayer AG comes under investigation in China

09/13/2013 8:48am
The pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG confirmed Friday that it is being investigated in China for possible unfair competition, making it the latest foreign drug maker to come under scrutiny in the country.

Bomb at market in India's remote northeast kills 8

09/13/2013 10:49am
A homemade bomb exploded Friday at a market in India's violence-wracked northeast, killing at least eight people and injuring seven others, police said.