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Polio breaks out amid militant threats in Pakistan

09/02/2013 12:27am
Syed Wali desperately wants to immunize his three young children against polio but fears the Islamic militants who banned the vaccine from this remote area in northwest Pakistan will catch him if he tries to smuggle it in.

Afghanistan backdrop to Xi's Central Asia visit

09/02/2013 1:52am
The Chinese president visits Central Asia this week amid concerns that a U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan could mean a destabilizing exodus of foreign radical fighters from the war zone to homelands closer to China's borders.

Bangladesh court seeks HRW response on charges

09/02/2013 4:32am
A special tribunal dealing with war crimes involving Bangladesh's independence war against Pakistan on Monday asked an international rights group to explain why it shouldn't be charged with contempt of court for comments the group made about a recent ruling.

Nearly 200 staffers strike at Khmer Rouge tribunal

09/02/2013 5:55am
Nearly 200 staffers at Cambodia's U.N.-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal have gone on strike to demand wages that are several months overdue, a court spokesman said Monday.

Prosecutors seek arrest warrant for Red Bull heir

09/02/2013 6:45am
Thai authorities are seeking an arrest warrant for an heir to the Red Bull energy drink fortune after he failed to appear for his indictment in the hit-and-run death of a policeman, a prosecutor said Monday.

Malaysia cuts fuel subsidies to fund welfare

09/02/2013 9:25am
Malaysia's government said Monday it will cut fuel subsidies for the first time in nearly two years to save 3.3 billion ringgit ($1 billion) annually as part of crucial budget reforms.

Tornadoes rip eastern Japan, dozens injured

09/02/2013 9:29am
Tornadoes tore through eastern Japan on Monday, injuring dozens of people, at least one seriously, and destroying some buildings.

AP Interview: Wang coy on past, confident on canal

09/02/2013 6:35pm
The baby-faced Chinese businessman behind plans to slash a canal through Nicaragua has invested millions in telecommunications and mines. But he won't say how he made his fortune. Wang Jing says he once studied traditional Chinese medicine. At which school? He won't say. Nor can he put a dollar figure on his current business interests.

India fury over gang rapes sign of changing nation

09/02/2013 6:37pm
A series of recent high-profile gang rape cases in India has ignited a debate: Are such crimes on the rise, or is it simply that more attention is being paid to a problem long hidden within families and villages? The answer, experts say, is both.

Study finds dire work conditions on Thai trawlers

09/02/2013 7:37pm
Some workers are forced onto Thai fishing boats by their families, others by unscrupulous employment brokers. Nearly half the workers make less than $160 a month in exchange for back-breaking labor. Some might not see any money at all.