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In rare openness, China microblogs Bo Xilai trial

08/23/2013 12:22am
Much of China was riveted to the stream of microblog updates from the trial of disgraced politician Bo Xilai _ even a TV anchorwoman on a live national program checked her cellphone for the latest posting.

$330 million in cocaine seized on yacht in Vanuatu

08/23/2013 1:39am
The white yacht seized in Vanuatu had a secret under its worn parquet floor: brick after brick of South American cocaine.

Pakistan releases Indian fishermen despite tension

08/23/2013 4:50am
Pakistan has released nearly 340 Indian fishermen from prison despite recent tension caused by deadly violence along the disputed Kashmir border, a prison official said Saturday.

Malaysia court frees 2 in Mongolian murder scandal

08/23/2013 6:36am
A Malaysian appeals court on Friday ordered two police officers freed after overturning their murder convictions in the killing of a Mongolian woman who had an affair with a friend of the prime minister.

Koreas agree to reunions for 1st time in 3 years

08/23/2013 6:55am
Seoul officials say North and South Korea have agreed to allow reunions next month of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War. It will be the first the time the emotional meetings have happened in three years.

Chinese citizens movement leader arrested

08/23/2013 8:37am
The formal arrest this week of one of China's most well-known civil rights advocates underscores how unnerved the country's new leaders are by any independent, vaguely organized political action _ even if it is as mundane as gathering for a dinner party.

Radioactive groundwater at Fukushima nears Pacific

08/23/2013 8:42am
Deep beneath Fukushima's crippled nuclear power station, a massive underground reservoir of contaminated water that began spilling from the plant's reactors after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami has been creeping slowly toward the Pacific.

Former Australian leader condemns US gun culture

08/23/2013 10:15pm
A former Australian government leader has blamed the gun culture in the United States for the shooting death of an Australian baseball player in Oklahoma and condemned America's lax firearm controls as a corruptive influence around the world.

Chinese prof banned from classrooms over speech

08/23/2013 11:01pm
An outspoken college law professor calling for constitutional rule has been banned from teaching, as the Chinese authorities tighten ideological controls, including launching an unusual assault on advocacy of constitutionalism.